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WGT 2022Leipzig, Germany
3rd to 6th June 2022
Wave Gotik Treffen 2022 - Pre-opening at Moritzbastei with Electro All Stars event by “Schwarzes Leipzig tanzt”, General Issues, Visitor Gallery, Victorian Picnic, Catafalque Meeting, Pagan Village, Reading Sebastian Fitzek

It’s been three really long and very unexpected years since the last WGT… When we wrote about the 28th edition of the festival, no one would have guessed what the years after would be like. Both, in 2020 and 2021, it was not possible to arrange the festival due to the pandemic and current restrictions.

For me as someone who didn’t miss out on WGT since the first time I went there in 2012, these past two years were very strange, to say the least. But finally, we were able to travel again to Leipzig to celebrate Goth & Alternative music, art and lifestyle culture, dive deep into the world of WGT and enjoy being ourselves surrounded by thousands of others who share the love for this kind of music and aesthetics. With almost 200 artists, performances and events of all kinds WGT is offering a huge program for every taste and activity level. The unique organization and diversity make WGT incomparable to any other kinds of festivals.


Pre-opening event on Thursday at Moritzbastei: Electro Allstars

This year’s journey to Leipzig started for me a bit further than usual and so I arrived in Hamburg on Monday, repacked my suitcase and travel group Hamburg-Leipzig was on the way to WGT city on Wednesday. Everything was quite different for us - incredible how much can change in three years. Still, we made it and on Thursday morning our camp was set up and we were ready to enjoy the next five days. The tradition says (at least for me) that Thursday evening has to be spent at Moritzbastei in the city centre. Starting with a beer outside and soaking in the summery temperatures, until the doors open to the music fuelled part of the night. The Electro All Stars were calling to unofficially called “EBM Karaoke” and many followed. The concept of the evening is quite fast to explain. “Schwarzes Leipzig tanzt” invited to an evening with scene musicians who are performing whichever songs they want to sing, accompanied by Daniel Myer (HAUJOBB, COVENANT, DSTR), Niko Kötzsch (AUDIOTHERAPY, GIMME SHELTER, DSTR) and Krischan Jan-Eric Wesenberg (ROTERSAND, FUTURE LIED TO US). The songs of the 2022 edition were performed by Dorain (RIGA), Dan (HARMJOY), Frank (FRANK THE BAPTIST), Erk Aicrag (HOCICO, RABIA SORDA), Isaac Howlett (EMPATHY TEST) and Kitty (DINOSEX).


The variety of performed songs was as always great - from ‘Smack my bitch up’ by PRODIGY over to ‘In The Air Tonight’ by PHIL COLLINS, ‘Sweet Dreams’ & ‘Here Comes The Rain Again’ by EURYTHMICS, ‘These Boots Are Made For Walking’ originally by NANCY SINATRA or ‘Lucretia My Reflection’ by THE SISTERS OF MERCY and many more. The approach of the evening is - everyone should have as much fun as possible, also the artists and so the performances on stage turn into parties with friends including some fooling around, but also emotional and almost intimate moments. A little tribute was paid to Andy Fletcher (DEPECHE MODE) who passed away just a few days before. It was the right event to get back into WGT mood - intimate, as full as usual (and therefore for some for sure unusual throughout the pandemic). Afterwards Moritzbastei offered the opportunity to get lost on the dance floor or to reconnect with friends outside, enjoying a cold drink in the warm night while making plans for the next days or just appreciating that we are all (or at least many of us) back here again.


Visitor Gallery

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Victorian Picnic

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Catafalque Meeting

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Pagan Village

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Reading Sebastian Fitzek

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Pictures by Kaschy Schulze, Nastja Iz & Bettina Schulze

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