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 D4S0234 kleinLeipzig, Germany
18th - 21st May 2018
Wave Gotik Treffen 2018 (Day 4) with Dr. Mark Benecke, Rummelsnuff, Heimataerde, Japan Suicide, Silent Runners, Modern English, The Fright, Grave Pleasures and The Other

Already the last day of WGT 2018 has come. On the program today the lecture of Dr. Mark Benecke, a visit to the Pagan Village, some Post Punk at Haus Leipzig and the final with some Horror Punk at the Täubchenthal. And of course, we ended the festival like we started it: at the hotel bar with a cocktail in our hands and memories of some fantastic days…

Lecture: Dr. Mark Benecke - Schauspielhaus (Betty & Dani)

After a very rich and long breakfast, we headed to the Schauspielhaus, where at 2:30pm Dr Mark Benecke was expected. Like always for his lectures, people were queuing very long before the show and when the doors finally opened at 2pl, I could not see the end of the queue anymore. Not sure if all people waiting outside could finally enter the venue. The Schauspielhaus was packed as always, even though Benecke was holding the same lecture every day during WGT. Before Benecke started his lecture, he presented some music videos to the crowd. I.e. he presented his new song ‘Some Velvet Morning’, with Bianca Stücker, which was just released on Friday and also his cover version of LEE HAZLEWOOD & NANCY SINATRA’s song ‘1967’. His main topic for the lecture today: Bacteria and odours, change, states of the human body after death. During a Q&A with the audience, there was a “light bulb moment” with which everyone was pleased. Once again it was very informative and entertaining. // /

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Rummelsnuff - Agra (Betty & Dani)

Back in the Agra at 6pm clock, RUMMELSNUFF was announced onstage by Dr. Mark Benecke (well, he made his way from the Schauspielhaus to Agra as well). RUMMELSNUFF, a mix of Popeye, RAMMSTEIN and HANS ALBERS, began his set with the song ‘Bratwurstzange’, which the audience sang along with. RUMMELSNUFF has cult status in the scene with his art and music, and had organised a real party on stage. He takes himself not too serious. His own description says: “Captain RAMMSTEIN makes music for men. His gripping melodies that tell tales of the wide open sea, of gear-heads and motors, of wurst or schnaps, of boxers and wrestlers or of body builders from the outskirts of Berlin have gathered him a growing female following as well, though... a fact that might be related to the impressive stature of the captain and his crew. As no pigeonhole could fit the highly original musical output of the muscle-bound bouncer and fitness trainer, he quick as winking created his own: derbe Strommusik (= rough electric music.) Praised by every media from the yellow press to European cultural TV channels, the friendly hulk is touring central Europe from time to time...” I think you got the point… // /

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Heimataerde - Heidnisches Dorf (Betty & Dani)

From the Agra hall, we then ran across the campground to the Pagan Village, where HEIMATAERDE were expected to appear soon. Already smeared with blood, they came on the stage and put on a great show. HEIMATAERDE combines danceable, electronic beats with archaic orchestrated melodies. Medieval Electro or Medieval Electro Rock were the terms that the music press coined for the project in 2006, and since then HEIMATAERDE has taken no break in further developing their punchy sound mix of EBM, NDH and Medieval music. Their shows are always marked by martial medieval scenes and lots of blood. And so, the show at WGT was no exception. // /

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Japan Suicide - Haus Leipzig (Judith & Marko)

JAPAN SUICIDE is an Italian Post Punk band founded in 2007. In 2015, their album, ‘We Die In Such A Place’, was released and sold out after three weeks. The band tours a lot and plays about 40 concerts each year. Just before Wave Gotik Treffen they played in the USA and Mexico. The band arrived punctually on stage at 5pm in Haus Leipzig. The band was at Wave Gotik Treffen for the first time and was pleased with the invitation. During the first song, the four musicians wore animal masks. However, they only wore them for the first song, as it would have become rather warm over the full length of the concert. For a gothic festival they had strange coloured shirts, but the music was super-fast and refreshing, although some of the songs were also pretty bleak. It was a great, varied show in front of an almost full house. In the background, as an accompaniment to the performance, some interesting short films ran as a video projection. Overall they gave a great performance and the audience in the Haus Leipzig appeared very happy. //

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Silent Runners - Haus Leipzig (Judith & Marko)

The band SILENT RUNNERS hail from the Netherlands. So far they have released an EP, and in 2017 the album ‘The Directory’. Their music is a mixture of post-punk and dark synth music. Their concert also began fittingly with a very long intro of keyboards and guitars. Haus Leipzig was now completely full and people started to dance, inspired by singer Dolf, who moved around a lot, even playing 'air guitar' a few times. He has an incredibly distinctive voice that will be remembered. It was a great show in Leipzig and it will certainly not be the bands’ last visit to the Wave Gotik Treffen. // / // Setlist: 01. The Directory / 02. Dark Mountain / 03. Wilderness / 04. Human Capital / 05. Roadkill / 06. Again / 07. Nobody Here / 08. The Knife / 09. Cavemen / 10. Forgotten / 11. Through The Night

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Modern English - Haus Leipzig (Dani)

The New Wave / Post Punk band MODERN ENGLISH from Colchester, Essex, England was already founded back in 1979 and is a best known for their songs ‘I Melt with You’, ‘Hands Across the Sea’, and ‘Ink and Paper’. The group disbanded in 1987, only to reform two years later and then disband after another two years (1991). They reunited again in 1995 and have continued in various line-ups since that time, with four fifths of the original line-up currently back in the band. Plans were made for a new release for 2016. Finally, the new album, ‘Take Me To The Trees’, was out in February 2017. Band and its members are already aged, but their stage show is not. Especially singer Robbie Grey was really extroverted on stage. They made a good impression to me and the fans at the house Leipzig loved the show. Already for MODERN ENGLISH, the room was packed and the queue of people who wanted to enter the venue but were still waiting was really long. // /

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The Fright - Täubchenthal (Judith & Marko)

THE FRIGHT from Germany refer to their music as Horrock’n’Roll, a mixture of Horror Pop and Hard Rock in the style of the late 80s. Founded in 2002, the band has released five albums so far. Among other things, they were already on a large tour through Germany with the Finnish Gothic heroes THE 69 EYES. In the spring of 2018 they toured together with SCHWARZER ENGEL. THE FRIGHT started the concert with an intro and the song ‘Wander Alone’ from the current album ‘Canto V’. The five sympathetic, gloomy men put on an insanely great performance with the audience enjoying a huge rock party with the band. Some of the fans jumped wildly in the middle of the crowd throughout the concert. The atmosphere in the Täubchenthal was boiling, and not only were the fans getting really warm, also singer Nils had to get rid of his jacket during the concert. The two new songs, ‘Oblivion’ and ‘Bonfire Night’ were particularly well received by the audience and could already be called classics. The video clips too are definitely worth seeing. This is the band’s third visit to the Wave Gotik Treffen, it was absolutely breath-taking and hopefully it will not be their last one. // / // Setlist: 01. Intro + Wander Alone / 02. No One / 03. Edward / 04. Leave / 05. Beloved Night / 06. So Cold / 07. Deadly Runaway / 08. (Interlude) + Avenger / 09. Immortal / 10. Drowned In Red / 11. Bury Me / 12. Your Love / 13. Bonfire Night / 14. Oblivion / 15. Suicide / 16. 666 / 17. Outro

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Grave Pleasures - Täubchenthal (Dani)

Our WGT final today was in the Täubchenthal - a great location with a beautiful outdoor area. Monday is traditionally Goth Rock and Horror Punk day at this venue. First band we saw there were GRAVE PLEASURES from Helsinki, appearing on stage covered with lots of smoke. The band was formed in 2010 as BEASTMILK and released a demo followed by an EP, and later debut full-length ‘Climax’. In 2015, Mat McNerney and Valtteri Arino continued the band as GRAVE PLEASURES, following Johan Snell and Paile’s departure with the group. With new members, Grave Pleasures released ‘Dreamcrash’ months later. The band’s latest album, ‘Motherblood’, was out in 2017. Musically, the band moves between Post Punk and Death Rock and fitted perfectly into the program on this WGT day. Besides the songs of both GRAVE PLASURES album, the set contained also quite a handful of BEASTMILK songs, much to the pleasure of the audience. // / // Setlist: 01. Mind Intruder / 02. Doomsday Rainbows / 03. Fear Your Mind / 04. Laughing Abyss / 05. Genocidal Crush / 06. Haunted Afterlife / 07. Infatuation Overkill / 08. Love In a Cold World / 09. Atomic Christ / 10. ??? (LTRL) / 11. Strange Attractors / 12. Deadenders / 13. Death Reflects Us / 14. Joy Through Death

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The Other - Täubchenthal (Dani)

German Horror Punk band THE OTHER were announced by Oliver Klein as last band of the festival. At least for us, it really was the last band. The “rotten” bodies of Rod Usher, Doc Caligari, Ben Crowe, Pat Laveau and Chris Cranium entered the stage under huge applause. The venue was packed and anyone was eager to have the last big party of WGT with THE OTHER. With a history of seven albums since 2002, ‘Casket Case’ being the latest one released in 2017,, gigs at big alternative festivals in Europe and endlessly touring through Europe, America and Russia, the band can rely on a loyal and enthusiastic fan base willingly to dance, jump, sing and celebrate. The concept of the band reflects in their appearance, costumes, make up, texts and stage set: Horror! The hall was full of people who enjoyed the horror show! // / // Setlist: 01. A Party at Crystal Lake / 02. Bloodsucker / 03. We are the other ones / 04. Dreaming of the Devil / 05. Dead and gone / 06. Take you down / 07. End of Days / 08. Der Tod steht dir gut / 09. Transylvania / 10. Skeletons in the Closet / 11. Puppet on a String / 12. X-Ray Eyes / 13. Lover’s Lane / 14. Hier kommt die Dunkelheit / 15. Counting the Flies / 16. Back to Cemetery / 17. Loversick Mind / 18. Hyde inside / 19. Beware of Ghouls / 20. Creature from the black Lagoon / 21. What it’s like to be a Monster

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Pictures by Marko Jakob, Betty Schulze and Daniela Vorndran ( /

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