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heimataerde aerdenbrand
Artist: Heimataerde
Title: Aerdenbrand
Genre: Electro meets Medieval Rock
Release Date: 30th September 2016
Label: Out of Line

Review Flash

Electronic Templars are back! Most of you might know HEIMATAERDE from their well-known song ’Unter der Linden’. Now they are back with their new album ‘Aerdenbrand’ to fight against the dying of light. The whole long-player is in German language. It is modern electronic sounds paired with guitars and medieval chants and elements. The whole concept is something completely unique. In some way it brings an ominous atmosphere to the listener and also a bright light in the form of knights. They are not alone on their way they have very prominent support. Here and then we hear JOACHIM WITT in the background. Sometimes there are no vocals only a few samples but still very melodic. My favourite tracks are ‘Die Erde verdreht sich’, ‘Hoch hinaus’, ‘Hick Hack Hackebeil’ and ‘Freiheit’.

Conclusion: Dark ages meet modern electronic sounds paired with strong German lyrics. Unique and strong!

Rating: 7 / 10

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