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heilung germany2024Palladium, Cologne, Germany
19th September 2024
Heilung & Support: Zeal & Ardor

The Danish-German-Norwegian band HEILUNG does not play concerts. They perform rituals. Each performance begins with Kai Uwe Faust, Christopher Juul, Maria Franz, and their collective leading an ancient prayer. But then the boundaries between musical performance, ancient pagan rituals, past and present blur. Soon the audience is entranced by incense and throat singing, primal rhythms, imaginative costumes, subtle electronic textures, a hypnotic light show, an army of warriors, and outbreaks of fire - truly a ritual.

HEILUNG calls it “amplified history” when they musically interpret their mythic tales surrounding Icelandic poetry, Celtic and Nordic history, battles, and gatherings. In addition to electronic sound generation, they use a variety of historical instruments from different cultures and times, from archaic drums, bones, and horn rattles to the Indian Ravanahattha. Maria Franz sings in ethereal heights, Kai Uwe Faust uses overtone singing reminiscent of Mongolian music, and Christopher Juul chirps, tweets, and whispers along. The languages of the lyrics range from modern English or German back to Gothic, Latin, Old Norse, Icelandic, and even earlier roots of Germanic languages. In its entirety, HEILUNG creates a total work of art that transcends all the individual parts.

They are thankfully non-ideological: listeners should be left relaxed after a magical, sometimes turbulent musical journey. When HEILUNG released their first album ‘Ofnir’ in 2015, they could not have imagined the success they would achieve. The spectacular live shows, overwhelming critical acclaim, and massive underground buzz, along with the enthusiastic audience, have elevated this unique group of highly talented musicians to an immense level. Last year, their third studio album ‘Drif’ (Gathering) was released, full of very old but well-researched stories that take us back to the cradle of civilization. Next summer, HEILUNG will be on tour with us, taking us into their own very special world.

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Doors: 18:30
Start: 20:00
Tickets: are available starting at 76.15 euros (plus charges pre-sale) via Eventim

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