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guano apes drtmund2024FZW, Dortmund, Germany
21st September 2024
Guano Apes - “Free The Monkey Tour” 2024 (Warm Up Show) - Support: ISE

The GUANO APES have become really relaxed. Instead of submitting to the mechanisms of the market, the band from Göttingen has detached themselves from it. They don’t produce new records every year and a half, but prefer to hit the stage when the itch strikes again. But then it’s all over with the relaxation: Anyone who was part of the first post-pandemic tour, who experienced one of the powerful concerts at the major festivals, knows this. From the first notes of the programmatic opener ‘You Can’t Stop Me’ through all the hits to the final crash chord of the encore ‘Lords of the Boards’, the GUANO APES let the wild animal run free and literally rocked every audience. By the way, this can also be considered groundbreaking: While the world is becoming more and more digital, the Guano Apes are going against the grain and advocating for the analog. Or as they put it themselves:

“We are closer to the ape than to AI. And there is a primal force inherent in humans, the Old World ape: the urge for freedom. We tonally support that, together with our audience, for about three decades. In the midst of the AI turning point and digital detachment, grounding and understanding humans in nature are more important than ever. With our handmade sound, we want to bring back the audience’s inner compass, reset their basic setting with a tonal slap, and thereby set free the inner ape.”

This will also be the case in 2024: The GUANO APES have now confirmed that they will be on tour with us again next autumn.

Support: ISE - Just turned 18, ISE is a young artist with a mature sound. Influenced by her idols from the 90s and armed only with her guitar, she creates a unique sound. But what really sets her apart is her raw voice and fragile authenticity.

A Liveurope concert: the first Europe-wide initiative to support concert halls in their efforts to promote emerging European artists. Liveurope is co-financed by the European Union’s “Creative Europe” program. For more information about Liveurope, visit

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Doors: 18:00
Start: 19:00
Tickets: are available starting at 48.55 euros (plus charges pre-sale) via Eventim

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