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louisepatriciacrane deepblueArtist: Louise Patricia Crane
Title: Deep Blue
Genre: Alternative Rock / Avant-Garde / Impressionism / Dream Pop / Dream Rock
Release Date: 15th May 2020
Label: Peculiar Doll Records

Album Review

Wow! Just wow! I used to listen to a lot of music and then after listening to a lot of music for a long while the listening to music malarkey got a bit samey and boring. So recently I have spent more time listening to the sound of silence or to the wind or my own inner creaks and splashes. But occasionally a piece of music will cross my path that makes me stop and exclaim “WOW!” And when that happens my flow of words becomes more flowy like an undammed river or a snake that has ingested a bag of coke! Artists like LINDY-FAY HELLA, WARDRUNA and HEILUNG tend to unblock my drains, this artist is another! I’ve not heard of LOUISE PATRICIA CRANE before but she’s been around for a few years now working with the likes of THE EDEN HOUSE. The genesis of ‘Deep Blue’ began way back in 2017 and it was at this point Louise decided to locate to Cambridge and work with musician / producer Stephen Carey at the Station Manor studio which he owns!

What we have here is an album of sonic magnificence that’s both inspired and inspiring. It has an earthy colour tone to it that retains a dark undercurrent without being sickly sweet and synthetically poppy! The only poppies here that I can think of are the kind that produce that dream-like substance you inject into your veins! And by that I don’t mean to imply that Dragon chasing was creatively used to imbibe the recording sessions with that added something extra. It could have been, but I’m not saying that, ok? Good! Anyway, the overall feel of this album is like I’m lying in a bath of warm oil paint, letting the viscosity innervate every pore! Taken as a whole, the album conjures up images of Dream Pop Rock splendour.

ALL ABOUT EVE flit in and out whilst THE CURE and SLOWDIVE dance around columns of COCTEAU TWINS. Yes, and the guitar doodling of KING CRIMSON is there too to add a level of complexity to the sound. There’s also nods to KATE BUSH and STEVIE NICKS too. A sound that’s most definitely for the adults and not for your sugar junkie teenager with no interest in the sophistication of taste! This is the antithesis of the overproduced tone-deaf crap seeping through my walls from the idiot next door who’s only concern really is how much the bass can be cranked up and how much candy can be poured on a vocal that is for the most part poor. Not this! This is beautifully constructed and a pleasure to listen to! In this review I have refrained from doing track breakdowns, this album needed to be reviewed as a whole piece rather than a “nuggets in a box” piece. As a whole I just let the music wash over me and 37 minutes and 57 seconds later I am satiated and cleansed.

To sum up, this is an album that I don’t really have a criticism of to be honest. If there are things within it that I find grating, they are so small that I won’t waste my time drawing attention to them. The overall listen is a focused one without meanderings down paths that don’t need meandering down. End of!


01. Deity
02. Snake Oil
03. Painted World
04. Cascading
05. Deep Blue
06. Ophelia
07. Isolde
08. The Eve Of The Hunter


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louisepatriciacrane deepblue


Music: 9
Sound: 9
Total: 9 / 10

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