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bloodletter funeralhymns
Artist: Bloodletter
Title: Funeral Hymns
Genre: Thrash Metal
Release Date: 25th September 2020
Label: Petrichor

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When it comes to angry Thrash Metal I always thought I had my fair share and know the usual suspects but far from it! Dear readers ears: prepare for impact! BLOODLETTER from Chicago, Illinois are out to get you and they won’t leave a nice looking corpse. BLOODLETTER formed in 2013 and ‘Funeral Hymns’ is the bands second full-length output to date and as mentioned above this will rip you a new one. BLOODLETTER is full-on Thrash Metal with slight hints of crossover every here and there, aggression is the key element of vocalist Peter Carparelli’s shouts and screams, Payne on bass is more of a key player in the background while drummer Zach Sutton builds the frame of every song with his fierce-like-a-demon-on-cocaine drum style. The guitars played by Carparelli and Pat Armamentos are in good hands I tell you! Everything on this record is mid to up-tempo, drums fast as fuck and staccato riffs galore. The only exception is the song ‘I am the End’, it starts like a ballad only to break into a bombardment of riffs and beats outta hell (nice).

Conclusion: If you like your thrash hard and brutal you should raise your fist to ‘Funeral Hymns’.

Rating: 8 / 10

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