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lordfist wildernessofhearts
Artist: Lord Fist
Title: Wilderness of Hearts
Genre: Epic Metal / Heavy Metal
Release Date: 20th November 2020
Label: High Roller Records

Review Flash

It is a crazy circumstance to review a band that is categorized as Heavy Metal on the Metal Archives but comes across as Epic Metal considering the lyrical themes mainly deal with high fantasy and sword and sorcery. For me this sound like LORD FIST is a full-blown Epic Metal outfit but I guess only time will tell. LORD FIST is a band that play a rather classical style inspired by the NWOBHM among others, the Finish four-piece came together as a band in 2011 and they got one Demo, one EP and two full-length records under their belt. Style-wise this is fast Heavy Metal in the vain of ENFORCER but a bit tuned down and less hyperbolic concerning the lyrics (Perttu Koivunen’s voice is great but it is not the main focus of the compositions). I just read a lengthy article about Epic Metal yet it is still hard to put a band into that category, theme-wise this would be counted as Epic but the compositions are mid to up-tempo and there is no room for big, engrossed melodies so I guess this ain’t the category for LORD FIST (they rock anyway).

Conclusion: Fast, well played Metal to drink a cold one to. What could a metalhead want more?

Rating: 7 / 10

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