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fullhousebrewcrew bareknuckle
Artist: Full House Brew Crew
Title: Bare Knuckle
Genre: Groove Metal
Release Date: 27th November 2020
Label: Rock of Angels Records

Review Flash

Greece is always good for a pleasant surprise. FULL HOUSE BREW CREW are one of those, sounding as American as can be. The names give it away those guys that sound like they got their first Single Malt through their mother’s milk hail from good old Greece. Neither the press text nor the bands Facebook and website gives too much away about FULL HOUSE BREW CREW but ok let’s talk about music. FULL HOUSE BREW CREW sound like southern Groove Metal should sound: Whiskey drenched, sunburnt and ready for a fistfight at any given time. Ok, the sound is a bit too polished here and there but there is audible talent and a feeling for good melodies. ROAR has a knack for skilled artists, so you will never see a rough, badly produced band with this label. This has up and downsides, metal can be flawed as fuck and still speak to you in a manner everything else will fail to do. Instrumentally this is expertly played but I would have wished a bit more grit and brutality (when I read groove metal I always wait for the next PANTERA).

Conclusion: Well worth checking out!

Rating: 7 / 10

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