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drakkar fallingdown
Artist: Drakkar
Title: Falling Down EP
Genre: Power Metal
Release Date: 11th November 2020
Label: self-released

Review Flash

Just recently my friend Dario Beretta (CRIMSON DAWN, DRAKKAR) did hit me up and gave me the opportunity to check out and review this new EP. It doesn’t come as a surprise that I took the opportunity to do this. DRAKKAR is a Milan based Power Metal band that was formed in 1995, the western area of Columbia was shaken by an earthquake of 6,4 strength, Wladislaw Listjew was shot in his house and the Aum Cult executed a terrorist attack In a Japanese subway (aside from the formation of DRAKKAR this was a shit show of a year tbh). ‘Falling Down’ is the band’s first sign of life since 2018 and it’s a good one I have to say. Ok, I am not as big a Witcher fan as I probably should be but ‘Toss a Coin to your Witcher’ came out nice, ‘Yellow Devil’ is a bit more to my liking as I really dig Davide Orto’s vocals and Dario’s staccato riff attacks .The title track ‘Falling down’ rocks in a similar way while ‘Knights of Pendragon’ is more leaning towards the epic side of this Coin (pun intended).

Conclusion: If you dig Power Metal that is expertly composed, thought out and executed you should spend you Christmas money on DRAKKAR’s BandCamp page.

Rating: 8.5 / 10

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