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drakkar chaoslord
Artist: Drakkar
Title: Chaos Lord
Genre: Power Metal
Release Date: 26th March 2021
Label: Punishment 18 Records

Album Review

DRAKKAR are back! After six long years the new full-length ‘Chaos Lord’ brings the Milanese marauders back into the spotlight. OK, last year’s EP ‘Falling Down’ was great (‘Knights of Pendragon’ is a real banger) but just enough for us fans to taste blood and thirst for more in my honest opinion. 2021 can’t be all bad if Dario Beretta and DRAKKAR are back on the map of metal. Quick recap for the newbies: DRAKKAR was formed in 1995 and - with small breaks between the LPs - the band was constantly bringing out great pieces of epic steel. Aside from Dario Beretta, the one member who is by his side for the longest period of time is vocalist Davide Dell’Orto (brilliant singer by the way).

Right from the bat ‘Lord Of A Dying Race’ and ‘Chaos Lord’ are killer tracks and that upon the first listening session (there are some growers among the tracklist too I am sure). The chorus of ‘And He Will Rise Again’ is 666 percent 1980’s MANOWAR and I love every bittersweet second of that! My personal fave - aside from the aforementioned bangers - is ‘Firebird’ because it kicks your door down and pins you to the floor but it has plenty of beer and what follows is an epic adventure involving Vikings and dragons and lots of other cool stuff. If you love your Metal powerful and epic, your vocals high and mighty and your riffs and drums thunderous and unstoppable then, yeah THEN you owe it to the gods to listen to DRAKKAR and sail with them on their dragon ship!


01. The Dreaming City
02. Lord Of A Dying Race
03. Horns Up
04. Chaos Lord
05. Through The Horsehead Nebula
06. The Battle (Death from the Depths – Part II)
07. And He Will Rise Again
08. Firebird
09. The pages Of My Life
10. True To The End


Dario Beretta – Guitar
Davide Dell'Orto – Vocals
Marco Rusconi – Guitar
Simone Pesenti Gritti – Bass
Daniele Ferru – Drums

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drakkar chaoslord


Music: 8
Sound: 8
Total: 8 / 10

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