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Jason Corbett (vocals, guitar) from Actors

When they play the walls fall and the dancefloor turns red under the heat of beating feet dancing to the rhythm of ACTORS music. Touching, energetic Post Punk flow carries you away and leaves a mark in your heart that is hard to erase - or forget. We talked to Jason Corbett, the leader of the Vancouver based band, about the new release ‘Love U More’, the touring and future plans…

Reflections of Darkness [RoD]: My first question is about the music you play - many people have actually trouble defining what Post Punk actually is. Some mix it with Dark Wave. What is your very own understanding and interpretation?
Jason: There seems to be more than a few definitions of Post Punk. To me it’s the spirit and mood of the music more so than sounding like other bands. We strive to sound like ourselves.

RoD: The ‘Love U more’ single, and the video that goes with it, was out on 30th of October 2020 so it’s a totally new thing. It’s a really fantastic piece of music! Taking the imagery you used in the production, it’s very appropriate to have it out just before Halloween. Could you tell me more about the song and the concept behind the video? Who did you cooperate with while working on it?
Jason: The video was really the vision of director Peter Ricq. He had written and directed a movie called Dead Shack that I thought was fantastic. I had the pleasure of producing the soundtrack with him and his band HUMANS. When it came time to make a video for our first single back, it only made sense to ask him. The whole band was really happy with the outcome, it’s beautiful.

RoD: What is the feedback regarding the new single you received so far?
Jason: The new single has exceeded our expectations. It has been great to see our fan base come along with us for the ride as well as continue to grow.

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RoD: Why ACTORS? Do you think all people are actually actors wearing better or worse masks? I’m asking about this since the video to one of your most famous songs ‘We don’t have to dance’ is a bit about pretending, polishing one’s mask until it gets social media perfection certificate. Do you think social acceptance is important?
Jason: That video is all about the obsession with social media in particular. To me the name of the band is more how we are as a society and how we are expected to act. I don’t think too much about it. I like how it sounds. For better or for worse we live in a social media world.

RoD: Do you think there is a point in trying to be real in the modern times when we seem to experience the flood of fake - fake smiles, fake news, fake friendships?
Jason: We keep it as real as we can. It’s tiring trying to act any other way than yourself. Personally, I want to know our fans and feel that real connection. It’s what got me into music in the first place.

RoD: Slight change of subject - this year you had a change in line-up - Jahmeel Russel left the band - in what way has it influenced the band? Could you please introduce a new band member - Kendall Wooding?
Jason: Jahmeel is a great bass player and a good friend. Sometimes life events just change at the strangest times and the pandemic really threw the world in to flux. He now lives in another province with his family. Kendall lives here in Vancouver and was brought on board to play guitar in Shannon’s band LEATHERS. It began to feel like it would make most sense to have her playing bass in ACTORS as well.

RoD: Shannon is also a tattoo artist - are other band members also involved in other projects aside from ACTORS? I think I saw Adam being a music journalist, too?
Jason: We all keep busy here at home in Vancouver. Adam is a music journalist and works at a premier drum shop. As well as being a tattoo artist, Shannon is also a talented designer and artist. She has a new guitar pedal print series that really taken on a life of its own. Kendall is an in-demand stylist. And I of course have my studio Jacknife Sound where I produce, mix, and master.

RoD: I had a chance and pleasure of seeing two of your live shows last year - in Praha and in Wroclaw - these both were part of a bigger tour. Could you please tell me more about your tour experience -was the best and what most challenging about it? Had you actually expected such an enthusiastic reception?
Jason: We toured for almost two years. It was the best time we could have asked for. Getting to meet the very people who connect to the music is a gift. The only challenge really was that towards the end we had started to feel pretty exhausted. We played about 180 shows.

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RoD: What are your impressions regarding concerts in Europe, the atmosphere and audience?
Jason: Europe is great. It was really where we seemed to catch on at first. The promoters were accommodating and welcoming. The audiences were warm and inviting. It’s all been a dream really. I feel very thankful.

RoD: Do you prefer playing at big festivals or rather small club shows?
Jason: There’s pros and cons to both but we enjoy all the shows. Having a great PA is always a good thing but then again, the smallest shows with the crappiest sound systems can be the most intimate.

RoD: What is the best about being a musician? Do playing in front of so many people and presenting your ideas to them and then meeting them after the shows change your perspective on things in any way? Do you have any particular meeting or an event that you would say, was life-changing for you?
Jason: Music is universal. We are all connected. The friendships we’ve cultivated all over the world is truly the most life changing experience so far.

RoD: You have a big and devoted fanbase around the world (e.g. the Academy J) - are contacts with your fans important to you? Do you feel it’s important to stay in touch with your fans?
Jason: We all do our best to stay in contact and be there for our friends and fans. It just feels natural. We have great fans.

RoD: Having achieved such a great success - what do you currently dreaming of now?
Jason: I want to continue to reach more of the people who would enjoy our music and the expand the community we like to foster. I want to do this the rest of my life.

RoD: After ‘Love U more’ is out - when can we expect a full album? When do you think it will be out? What can we expect of you in the nearest future?
Jason: New singles will start dropping in February leading up to the full album ‘Acts of Worship’ this spring.

RoD: Thank you very much for your time Jason! Looking forward to seeing you.
Jason: Thanks for having me.

All pictures by Karo Kratochwil

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