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00 intro D4S9164 kleinKulturpark, Deutzen, Germany
7th to 9th September 2018
NCN 2018 Day 1 with Suir, Any Second, 7PM Ritual, TC75, Whispering Sons, Plastic Noise Experience, I-M-R (In my Rosary), Die Krupps, Kas Product, Gothminister, The Devil and the Universe, The Beauty of Gemina, Clock DVA, Marc Almond and Lizette Lizette

NCN is as always the last festival in the summer, then autumn begins. At least this is true for the followers of the musical subcultures gathered at the Nocturnal Culture Night Festival, a mix of Dark Wave, Goth Rock, Synth Pop, EBM and much more. There were great artists and those who would like to be, surprises and longed for, definitely there was something for everyone and you could enjoy with friends a weekend with perfect weather and good music. That the Kulturpark in Deutzen is perfect for this, were proved once again this weekend.

01 impression D4S8556 klein

The first NCN festival took place back in the year 2005 with 11 bands, two days and several DJs. With the time the amount of performing bands grew. In 2006, NCN took a break to be back in 2007 for three days and 22 bands. NCN nowadays includes the most known bands from the Dark and Indie scene. Different bands from all over the world are coming to Deutzen to be part of the festival. The place is called Kulturpark Deutzen in the town Deutzen 40 minutes by train from Leipzig. The Kulturpark Deutzen, was a substitute for the devastated castle park of Alt-Deutzen. In 1930s it was the cultural centre of the Deutzen municipality. After the war the reconstruction was needed so a large open-air stage was build. In 60s the park turned to pass another reconstruction project and became the sport centre of the region. In 1967 the Kulturpark Deutzen was handed over to its population as a leisure and recreation facility. In the 80s folk festivals and holidays took place here. Now Kulturpark Deutzen is used as recreation and leisure centre and a place for festivals, one of them is NCN.

02 impression D4S8717 klein

The NCN festival map is divided into four stages. The main one is called Amphibühne (Amphi stage) and is actually the first stage built after the war. The second stage near is called Parkbühne (park stage) mostly with indie music artists. Other stage is called Kulturbühne (culture stage) and is located in the grill place with comfortable summer houses and small stage. Dark and neo-folk bands usually perform here. And the last stage Weidenbogenbühne (willow-bow stage) was the kind of new one used for the third time now. The audience was mostly from Germany, but visitors from other countries were present also from time to time. The fashion was not so colourful and various as on WGT, but interesting images and amazing costumes were detected also. What counts more than fashionable Gothic dresses is the music on NCN. This year, also the weather was perfect with only a very short and slight shower on Friday and sunny weather on the weekend. Like in the years before, there was a warm-up party the day before the festival with two bands performing on stage and DJs spinning records afterwards. For us, the festival started on Friday afternoon with SUIR though…

03 impression D4S8906 klein

Suir - Parkbühne (Marcel)

At the beginning of 2016, Denis Wanic (vocals & electric guitar) and Lucia Seiß (digital drums & synthesizers) joined forces to form their band project SUIR in Frankfurt. In a constant interplay of guitars and synthesizers, supported by minimalistic and electronic drum beats and melancholy lyrics, they create Shoegaze and sultry, cinematic music composed of dense, polyphonic soundscapes. Their velvety, dark sound constantly moves between Post Punk, dark Shoegaze, synthesizer-heavy Dark Wave and Art-Punk and cannot be clearly assigned to any of the currents due to its independence. Their music is enhanced by a visual program and creates a filigree and gloomy overall concept. The first band of the is also the first surprise. Meant positively. The place in front of the Parkbühne is well filled. Being the first band to open a festival is always a bit difficult. SUIR have coped well with extensive bass runs and technically perfect guitars and synth soundings. It only seemed as if the voice went down, but it was just mixed in to the right volume. Singing and music are equally represented here. From danceable numbers to devotional sounds everything was there. // / // Setlist: 01. Warsaw / 02. Gewalt / 03. Den of Thieves / 04. White Spheres / 05. Calamity

04 suir D4S8379 klein

Any Second - Amphibühne (Marko)

Friday’s first band on the Amphibühne was ANY SECOND. The band was founded in 2009 and in 2011, their completely self-produced debut album, ‘Dein Shicksal’, was released. Their latest work, ‘Sünde:Mensch’, was released in July 2018 on the well-known scene label Out Of Line. The band currently consists of Jan Kluge, Oliver Senger and Thomas Beschoner. The NCN announcer asked if any hard-core fans of the band were present and in fact some had actually made the trip to Deutzen. Their catchy EBM songs soon spread a great atmosphere and everyone was encouraged to clap along and dance. There was some great late summer weather - the band and the fans soon got up a good sweat. The Berliners played exclusively songs from their current album and after about 30 minutes, the seven-song set was already over. The Amphibühne was really well attended for the first band of the first day there, and that was nice to see. The band really appreciated the location and said they would one day like to return to the NCN festival. // / // Setlist: 01. Kontrollverlust / 02. Niedergang / 03. Ashes / 04. Seelenhügel / 05. Schizophren / 06. Sünde / 07. Zorn

05 anysecond

7PM Ritual - Kulturbühne (Marcel)

In 2007, Norbert Strahl (SEELENTHRON & DIES NATALIS), Nic Sender (STEIN, TORTURE THE MASS & IDENTITY KILLS) and Oliver Sittig (STEIN & IDENTITY KILLS) founded the Neo-Folk band STEIN in Löbau, but they broke up a bit later on. In 2013, the three musicians met again and brought 7PM RITUAL to life. Western guitars meet cinematic orchestras and electronic synthesizer sounds, sometimes reminiscent of early recordings of IN THE NURSERY, but with a folky note. These are joined by dark lyrics and with the first album, ‘08:16:02’, 7PM RITUAL celebrate the demise of the world and humanity. A depressing mood hovers off the stage. Guitars, drums, e-drums and vocals create a heaviness in which the song is spoken. The band logo is modelled after that of the “Junge Pioniere” (former GDR youth organisation) and the video conveys positive as well as negative feelings. The experimental percussions break the first impression quickly and bring some military, but also oriental flair with it. // // Setlist: 01. Jerusalem / 02. A shadow from the past / 03. Forbidden words / 04. Sun / 05. Symbol

06 7pmritual D4S8475 klein

TC75 - Weidenbogenbühne (Marcel)

Strongly influenced by the Belgian EBM of the 80s and 90s, Tino Claus (AMNISTIA, MRDTC) aka TC75 has been living the love of this niche of electronic music since 2007 with his solo project. Rough, direct and dirty the sound, minimal lyrics and song structures. The technical possibilities are deliberately not exhausted. Rather, TC75 is the concentration and reduction of the music to the subjectively necessary. Sound and word as tools in a spontaneous process. Each title is a snapshot. TC75 is a guarantee for great-made music. The only musician who played before DIE KRUPPS. Tino claims the stage as a lone fighter as if he were alone a 5-member band. Violence, aggressiveness and directness in pure form. Powerful on the show and in song. Nobody was present who was not convinced by TC75 at the first moment. The meadow stamps, sings and celebrates something big. // / // Setlist: 01. Impulse 2 / 02. Forge Ahead / 03. Hall Of Shame / 04. Lies / 05. Torture / 06. Sick In Your Mind (The Klinik cover) / 07. Dating A Dead Man / 08. Shadow Walker / 09. Death

07 tc75 D4S8598 klein

Whispering Sons - Parkbühne (Marko)

WHISPERING SONS is a Belgian Post Punk band, currently living in Brussels. Their live performances are very rousing and emotional. Their first EP, ‘Endless Party’, was released in 2015, followed by two singles in 2016 and 2017. After winning one of Belgium’s most prestigious national competitions, a long tour of Belgium and Europe followed. The debut album, ‘Image’, will be released in October 2018. The audience area was packed and the crow was waiting in front of the Parkbühne but first there was a little problem in getting started. After a delay of 10 minutes or so, it finally started. The deep voice of singer Fenne and the gloomy music created a very special atmosphere in the Kulturpark Deutzen. It felt like more emotion is barely possible. As their last song the band played the first single, ‘Waste’, from the upcoming album. It was an awesome performance and a very intense 30 minutes from the first to the last song. // / // Setlist: 01. Got A Light / 02. Alone / 03. White Noise / 04. Performance / 05. Hollow / 06. Wall / 07. Waste

08 whisperingsons

Plastic Noise Experience - Amphibühne (Marcel)

Their debut album, ‘Transmission’, catapulted them to the top of the explosive German Dark Electro scene in the early 1990s. PNE infected with its publications the dance floors of the world and the band played on larger tours throughout Europe. After resting for some time the band surprised everyone with their gigantic resurrection in 2002. They performed at several major festivals, released tracks and everyone was aware that the masters were inevitably back. From that moment on, Claus Kruse started working on his fifth studio album, ‘Maschinenmusik’. This was already announced in advance by the singles ‘Maschinen’ and ‘Maschinenraum’. Uncompromising old-school EBM, harsh strong German voices, pounding distorted beats and virulent KRAFTWERK-like melodies - Claus Kruse and Kazim Sarikaya overwhelm their listeners live with a devastatingly explosive sonic experience.

09 pne D4S8636 klein

Energy seems to be the word that has shaped no one as much as PNE. This spark jumped again this time in the first few seconds. The first notes, the first beat and invariably everyone is dancing. What Kazim shoots from behind the desk leaves no leg resting and Klaus conveys to anyone who does not listen, in body language, what is going on. And that relentlessly. When everyone is infected, the vocals begin. What a stroke of musical genius you have to counteract, one must have experienced. With the perfect sound, nobody is surprised that Hauke Dressler is standing at the mixing desk. A much too rarely mentioned genius! What a show! // /

10 pne D4S8607 klein

I-M-R (In my Rosary) - Kulturbühne (Marcel)

I-M-R is the continuation of the project IN MY ROSARY, which was founded in 1992 by the musician Ralf Jesek (vocals, instruments, lyrics and production) and the photographer Dirk Lakomy (lyrics, artwork and occasionally vocals). Their debut album, ‘Those Silent Years’, caused quite a stir and with their second album, ‘The Mask of Stone’, they finally established themselves in the alternative scene worldwide. In 2011, however, their artistic collaboration reached its limits. And so the new Dark Wave Folk Pop project I-M-R, consisting of Ralf Jesek and the former live musicians Martin von Arndt, Holger Diener and Hansi Hünig, was born. One year later, I-M-R’s first album, ‘Letters from the Paper Garden’, was in stores. Also in 2014 and 2015 new works followed.

11 imr D4S8676 klein

If you want to hear a successful mix of Dark Wave, Folk, Electro and Pop, this is just right here in front of the stage. A band that continues where they left off. The quieter song to clap and enjoy. They also bring Ecki Stieg to rock back and forth. The initially still restrained audience must first be warm up but later on, the show is well received. // // Setlist: 01. Just Like You / 02. Little Death / 03. Uniform / 04. Poisoned Eyes / 05. Paper Garden / 06. Night / 07. Shimmering Hair / 08. GT / 09. She Said / 10. Short Dance / 11. Satin Sheets / 12. Sandman / 13. Mr Revenge

12 imr D4S8656 klein

Die Krupps - Weidenbogenbühne (Marcel)

Estimating the importance of the band founded in 1980 for German and international Electro music is almost impossible. In addition to EINSTÜRZENDE NEUBAUTEN, DIE KRUPPS were the main pioneers of Industrial and its fusion with Metal, setting new standards in Electronics with Hard Rock riffs, with classics like ‘To The Hilt’ or ‘Fatherland’. EBM bands such as FRONT 242 or NITZER EBB often emphasized that they were definitely influenced by DIE KRUPPS. Especially this mix makes their music timeless and still provides for more than three decades for full dance floors and energetic live shows.

13 krupps D4S8848 klein

After the recently completed tour with FRONT LINE ASSEMBLY and TENSION CONTROL in Germany, this was one of the most recent concerts before the band goes to America. But no reason not to give everything. This band knows how to excite and get people to the stage. What should I capitalize on? One of the greatest bands in the world delivers a great show and leaves enthusiastic fans behind. There is nothing to complain but only to enjoy. // / // Setlist: 01. Dawning Of Doom / 02. Der Amboss / 03. Schmutzfabrik / 04. Germaniac / 05. Fly Martyrs Fly / 06. Fuck You / 07. Black Beauty White Heat / 08. To The Hilt / 09. MMM / 10. Robo Sapien / 11. Nazis Auf Speed / 12. Fatherland / 13. Machineries Of Joy / 14. Bloodsuckers

14 krupps D4S8909 klein

Kas Product - Parkbühne (Marko)

With an approx. 25 min delay, the French Electro-Punk duo KAS PRODUCT entered the stage. Already from the beginning of the concert, the extraordinary lighting effects promised an unforgettable show, which, influenced by the bizarre and gloomy sounds, perfectly represented the aura of the two experimental musicians. The singer Mona Soyoc seemed almost mystical, entering the stage wearing a black mask to the accompanying punk electronic sounds. Other elements such as a tambourine and a megaphone gave the unmistakable music a special touch. The festival grounds were well filled at sunset with an interesting atmosphere.

15 kasproduct

There was also something to smile about: Mona tried in vain to climb back onto the stage after she wanted to get a little closer to the audience. Finally, with the help of a photographer she managed to get back to the stage… The band left a positive impression and impressed with their professionalism. Even though they had a delayed start, Jazz singer Mona and ex-psychiatric nurse Spatsz, still managed to fulfil their planned setlist of songs. // // Setlist: 01: Poor fellow devil / 02. Breakloose / 03. One of the kind / 04. Underground movie / 05. Never come back / 06. Tina town / 07. Taking shape / 08. Above / 09. So young but so cold / 10. Take me tonight /11. Loony Bin

16 kasproduct

Gothminister - Amphibühne (Marko)

The Norwegian Alternative Metal band GOTHMINISTER was founded in 1999. Initially, the project started as a solo project, gradually more musicians were added. The band has released six albums so far, the most recent being ‘The Other Side’ from 2017. The album was produced by Henning Verlage, who has also worked with UNHEILIG and EISBRECHER. GOTHMINISTER have gained a significant following over the years. The first song of the NCN show had a German title: ‘Ich will alles’. This is also the opener on the current album. The front of the Amphibühne was pretty full for GOTHMINISTER’s performance and there was a great atmosphere throughout the concert. The light show was very professional and adapted perfectly to the music. The sound was breathtakingly clear.

17 gothminister

GOTHMINISTER played their well-known songs of almost 20 years of band history alongside other songs from the current album, such as ‘We are the ones who rule the world’ and ‘The Sun’. Of course, as always, the band had the legendary pedestal that GOTHIMINSTER climbed up on several times during the concert. All in all it was a gripping Rock and Metal show with great, deep vocals. // / // Setlist: 01. Ich will alles / 02. Someone is after me / 03. Der fliegende Mann / 04.Stonehenge / 05. Liar / 06. The Sun / 07. Monsters / 08. Taking over / 09. Darkside / 10. Utopia / 11. We are the ones who rule the world / 12. Beauty after midnight / 13. Angel / 14. Dusk Till Dawn

18 gothminister

The Devil and the Universe - Kulturbühne (Marko)

THE DEVIL AND THE UNIVERSE have released four albums since 2013. The band named themselves after two tarot cards from the deck of the famous occultist Aleister Crowley - “The Devil” & “The Universe”. The band from Austria has been on the “The Alchemical Landscapes” tour since 2017 and has toured several European countries. Now they brought their show as guests of the NCN Festival to Deutzen. The Kulturbühne was totally packed and the band entered the stage wearing their familiar goat masks; however, they wore them only for the first song. The sound of the dark ambient music was perfect and the fans were thrilled, with everyone was standing in front of the stage, listening to the sounds of various drums and samples.

19 tdatu D4S8986 klein

To accompany the music, there was a nice video projection, which could also act as a soundtrack for dark movies; the band was celebrated by the fans with storming applause. If you want to see THE DEVIL AND THE UNIVERSE live again this year, there are still opportunities to see them perform in Switzerland, Spain and Portugal. // / // Setlist: 01. Alchemical / 02. Landscape / 03. A Fiend In The Furrows / 04. Willow Dance / 05. Danaus Plexippus / 06. It Is Our Will / 07. Stygian / 08. Nikopoia / 09. Iblis / 10. Hexenforst / 11. Nod / 12. Haunted Summer / 13. The Church Of The Goat

20 tdatu D4S8959 klein

The Beauty of Gemina - Weidenbogenbühne (Marko)

The band THE BEAUTY OF GEMINA was founded in 2006 and have already released seven albums, some of which have achieved considerable chart success in Germany and Switzerland. For the last two years they toured with their album ‘Minor Sun’ and this tour came to an end at the NCN Festival. The concert in Deutzen started with a great intro. Then the musicians came on stage and began with the song ‘All Those Days’ from the album ‘Ghost Prayers’. There was a wonderful atmosphere in the dark now at this open air concert. The stage was wrapped in blue spotlight and there were a lot of fans gathering in front of the stage, with the seats on the sides almost all was occupied. The wonderful Dark Rock style of the band mixed with some electronic influences met exactly the taste of the festival audience. Many of the fans danced and the stage light switched from red to white.

21 tbog D4S9055 klein

It was a very special evening for the band as they played a lot of concerts with these songs during the “Minor Sun” tour. “Are you ready for rock n roll” asked singer Michael twice and the fans cheered him loudly. The highlights of the performance included the great CALVIN RUSSELL cover ‘Crossroads’ and the acoustic version of ‘Dark Rain’. This was a beautiful end of the day on the Weidenbogenbühne, which is idyllically located in between many trees. In October THE BEAUTY OF GEMINA will be on tour with new material. Just in time for this tour, the new album ‘Flying With The Owl’ will be released. // / // Setlist: 01. Intro - End / 02. All Those Days / 03. Prophecy / 04. Suicide Landscapes / 05. Hunters / 06. This Time / 07. Darkness / 08. Crossroads / 09. Bitter Sweet Goodbye / 10. The lonesome Death of a Goth DJ / 11. Rumours / 12. 7-Day Wonder / 13. Dark Rain (Acoustic) / 14. Down On The Lane

22 tbog D4S9079 klein

Clock DVA - Parkbühne (Marcel)

CLOCK DVA is a British band from Sheffield, whose name derives from Anthony Burgess’ ‘A Clockwork Orange’, as well as the number word for “two” (“dva”). The band CLOCK DVA was founded in 1978 by Adi Newton and Steven Turner. After three cassettes, ‘Fragment’, ‘Deep Floor’ and ‘White Souls In Black Suits’ appeared the first regular album ‘Thirst’ in 1982, the album ‘Advantage’ joined; but without Steven Turner, who had left the band in the meantime, in exchange with Paul Browse and Dean Dennis. In 1987, the band reconciled and the style of CLOCK DVA now changed significantly. The 1989 released album ‘Buried Dreams’ was produced purely electronically, less experimental. Shortly after the release, Paul Browse left the band. He was replaced by Robert Baker. Clock DVA have become much more ambient or more trans-cracking and offer a collection of fictitious, unsophisticated film music paired with a static KRAFTWERK show.

23 clockdva D4S9103 klein

Adi Newton and Paul Baker completed in 1993 the hitherto last regular CLOCK DVA album as a duo. In 1994, with the retrospective and mix compilation of the years ‘89 - ’93, ‘Collective’, the last album was released for a long time. In the summer of 2013, a successor to ‘Sign’ appeared with ‘Post-Sign’. A bass-heavy tone, the canvas flickers. The band that once said “for us it would be the biggest thing when people come to our concert and dance” did just that, the people danced. The sound may have changed over the 40 years, but the enthusiasm for this band reaches out to young and old. Everyone will find something in CLOCK DVA that inspires and lets them experience what they say. Definitely a concert that left no one disappointed. // /

24 clockdva D4S9113 klein

Marc Almond - Amphibühne (Marcel)

After 39 years in the music business, MARC ALMOND succeeds again and again in entering the international charts. From one of the greatest hits in English music history, ‘Tainted Love’, which he published in 1981 as a singer of the duo SOFT CELL, to a barely manageable variety of solo albums, MARC ALMOND is an integral part of the worldwide music scene. With ‘Tainted Love’ he decisively influenced the 80s Pop and since then he likes to jump through countries, topics and epochs of history musically and thematically. But vocalist MARC ALMOND was always enthusiastic about great solo projects, which included the hit ‘Something’s Gotten Hold Of My Heart’. With ‘Shadows and Reflections’, his current solo album, he produced great chansons and immersed himself in the world of 60s Pop and thrilled with orchestral arrangements of iconic love songs by BURT BACHARACH, THE YARDBIRDS or the YOUNG RASCALS. For 2019 an album with own songs of MARC ALMOND is announced. At the NCN 2018 he presented a greatest hits program from his great creative period.

25 marcalmond D3S6606 klein

What a man! Sports jacket without something underneath, chic pants and “varnish rockets”. There is no doubt that this is an entertainer on stage. Music to join in, party without end, cheers, tears of joy, grant calls, this concert had just EVERYTHING! Euphoria cannot begin to describe the mood. This guy thrilled everyone. The brought two man choir and the musicians seemed professional and hilarious at the same time. A combination that ignited. // / // Setlist: 01. Adored and Explored / 02. Bedsitter (Soft Cell song) / 03. A Kind of Love / 04. The Idol / 05. Russian Roulette (Rihanna cover) / 06. Torch (Soft Cell song) / 07. Black Heart / 08. My Hand Over My Heart / 09. Demon Lover / 10. Down in the Subway (Soft Cell song) / 11. Jacky (Jacques Brel cover) / 12. Soul Inside (Soft Cell song) / 13. Tainted Love/Where did our Love Go (Gloria Jones cover) / 14. Say Hello, Wave Goodbye (Soft Cell song) / Encore: 15. Hot Love (T. Rex cover) (was not on the Setlist and crowd sang the chorus along very long)

26 marcalmond D3S6613 klein

Lizette Lizette - Parkbühne (Marko)

LIZETTE LIZETTE is a Swedish musician and in 2017, her debut album, ‘Queerbody’, was released. During live performances she is accompanied by a keyboard and a drum pad. Exactly at midnight, this extraordinary musician attracted hundreds of spectators to the Parkbühne. The crowded audience reached far into the back, and some fans were even standing on the adjacent walls. The singer wore a varnish-like jacket and a baseball cap and immense plateau shoes; the keyboarder wore a hood. The synthesizer Pop sounds echoed through the night in Deutzen and the audience began to move and dance on the second song, and later almost everyone was moving to the music.

27 lizette D4S9172 klein

The band members also moved interestingly on the stage. This good mixture of great voice, cool video projections, a nice light show and danceable music held the attention of the fans in front of the stage until right to the end of the concert. LIZETTE LIZETTE thanked the great audience and told the fans not to forget to check out the merchandise. The 45-minute show was a great end to the first festival day at NCN Festival 2018. // / // Setlist: 01. Junk (Unreleased song) / 02. Easy street / 03. All you stole / 04. Slow / 05. Void (Unreleased song) / 06. Future / 07. Scapegoat / 08. Rest / 09. Sober up / 10. Trendslav (Swedish)

28 lizette D4S9189 klein

All pictures by Daniela Vorndran ( / and Marko Jakob

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