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Volle Kraft Voraus 2018 Eisbrecher 0110Ratiopharm Arena, Neu-Ulm, Germany
8th September 2018
Volle Kraft Voraus 2018 with Schöngeist, Stahlmann, Zeromancer, Die Krupps, Oomph!, Eisbrecher

“Volle Kraft Voraus 2018” is already the second festival of EISBRECHER in the Ratiopharm Arena in Neu-Ulm and already the second one I attended. I must tell you, it’s definitely worth it. But all step by step. My plan was to be there already for the door opening time at 1 p.m., the traffic jams and numerous constructions were responsible for a delay and that we arrived at the festival after 2 pm. The first thing I’ve seen from afar was the long queue for the autograph session of EISBRECHER and the shorter queue for the merchandise of the festival. After a brief look at the drinks and food offer and everything else that the location had to offer, we went to the hall for the first show of the evening.

But first we should get to know the host of the evening. It was none other than Hubert Kah. Because I have no experience with New German Wave, I did not know this name and needed clarification from my photographer colleagues.


After the announcement, SCHÖNGEIST came on stage. At the beginning of the performance, Timur was totally insecure on stage. Maybe it was because of the long break or because the band was the first to perform, but he needed a few songs to show full strength and charisma again. In the end, everything worked well though.

  • Volle_Kraft_Voraus_2018_Schoengeist_0003
  • Volle_Kraft_Voraus_2018_Schoengeist_0006
  • Volle_Kraft_Voraus_2018_Schoengeist_0007
  • Volle_Kraft_Voraus_2018_Schoengeist_0008
  • Volle_Kraft_Voraus_2018_Schoengeist_0009
  • Volle_Kraft_Voraus_2018_Schoengeist_0014
  • Volle_Kraft_Voraus_2018_Schoengeist_0016
  • Volle_Kraft_Voraus_2018_Schoengeist_0019
  • Volle_Kraft_Voraus_2018_Schoengeist_0023
  • Volle_Kraft_Voraus_2018_Schoengeist_0025
  • Volle_Kraft_Voraus_2018_Schoengeist_0030
  • Volle_Kraft_Voraus_2018_Schoengeist_0032
  • Volle_Kraft_Voraus_2018_Schoengeist_0034
  • Volle_Kraft_Voraus_2018_Schoengeist_0039
  • Volle_Kraft_Voraus_2018_Schoengeist_0040
  • Volle_Kraft_Voraus_2018_Schoengeist_0041
  • Volle_Kraft_Voraus_2018_Schoengeist_0052
  • Volle_Kraft_Voraus_2018_Schoengeist_0053
  • Volle_Kraft_Voraus_2018_Schoengeist_0055
  • Volle_Kraft_Voraus_2018_Schoengeist_0056


As next were STAHLMANN on the program. The band was very economical in make up this time, instead of silver colour just a few black stripes. I have not seen STAHLMANN live for quite some time and had to realize with astonishment that only Martin remained from the original line-up, even Ablaz was no longer there. The band started with ‘Bastard’, then came ‘Adrenalin’ and ‘Stahlmann’. The setlist was well balanced and of course there was place for ‘Schwarz’ too.

  • Volle_Kraft_Voraus_2018_Stahlmann_0004
  • Volle_Kraft_Voraus_2018_Stahlmann_0005
  • Volle_Kraft_Voraus_2018_Stahlmann_0007
  • Volle_Kraft_Voraus_2018_Stahlmann_0014
  • Volle_Kraft_Voraus_2018_Stahlmann_0016
  • Volle_Kraft_Voraus_2018_Stahlmann_0017
  • Volle_Kraft_Voraus_2018_Stahlmann_0022
  • Volle_Kraft_Voraus_2018_Stahlmann_0024
  • Volle_Kraft_Voraus_2018_Stahlmann_0027
  • Volle_Kraft_Voraus_2018_Stahlmann_0031
  • Volle_Kraft_Voraus_2018_Stahlmann_0032
  • Volle_Kraft_Voraus_2018_Stahlmann_0033
  • Volle_Kraft_Voraus_2018_Stahlmann_0034
  • Volle_Kraft_Voraus_2018_Stahlmann_0036
  • Volle_Kraft_Voraus_2018_Stahlmann_0040


I was especially looking forward to seeing ZEROMANCER. I see these Norwegians live, unfortunately, much less often than I would like. As an unexpected gift, the performance started with my very favourite song ‘V’, then came ‘Aufwiedersehen Boy’. As always, Alex was emotional and amazing. ZEROMANCER were the first this evening to come with so much smoke and in combination with great light, they delivered a great picture to the visitors. Of course, we also heard ‘Clone Your Lover’ and unfortunately the show was over with ‘Doctor Online’ already.

  • Volle_Kraft_Voraus_2018_Zeromancer_0006
  • Volle_Kraft_Voraus_2018_Zeromancer_0008
  • Volle_Kraft_Voraus_2018_Zeromancer_0010
  • Volle_Kraft_Voraus_2018_Zeromancer_0011
  • Volle_Kraft_Voraus_2018_Zeromancer_0016
  • Volle_Kraft_Voraus_2018_Zeromancer_0017
  • Volle_Kraft_Voraus_2018_Zeromancer_0018
  • Volle_Kraft_Voraus_2018_Zeromancer_0019
  • Volle_Kraft_Voraus_2018_Zeromancer_0026
  • Volle_Kraft_Voraus_2018_Zeromancer_0027
  • Volle_Kraft_Voraus_2018_Zeromancer_0031
  • Volle_Kraft_Voraus_2018_Zeromancer_0033
  • Volle_Kraft_Voraus_2018_Zeromancer_0035
  • Volle_Kraft_Voraus_2018_Zeromancer_0041
  • Volle_Kraft_Voraus_2018_Zeromancer_0042
  • Volle_Kraft_Voraus_2018_Zeromancer_0043
  • Volle_Kraft_Voraus_2018_Zeromancer_0044
  • Volle_Kraft_Voraus_2018_Zeromancer_0050
  • Volle_Kraft_Voraus_2018_Zeromancer_0051
  • Volle_Kraft_Voraus_2018_Zeromancer_0060

Die Krupps

Next in the program were DIE KRUPPS, the EBM stars of the evening. Although I just saw them in Frankfurt on Wednesday and the set list was the same, it was still a lot of fun. It started with ‘The Dawning Of Doom’, then ‘Der Amboss’ and one of my favourite songs, ‘Schmuzfabrik’. The audience really celebrated and participated. Watching the guys on stage is always fun. A really good show that only made the mood even better.

  • Volle_Kraft_Voraus_2018_Die_Krupps_0003
  • Volle_Kraft_Voraus_2018_Die_Krupps_0004
  • Volle_Kraft_Voraus_2018_Die_Krupps_0007
  • Volle_Kraft_Voraus_2018_Die_Krupps_0010
  • Volle_Kraft_Voraus_2018_Die_Krupps_0017
  • Volle_Kraft_Voraus_2018_Die_Krupps_0018
  • Volle_Kraft_Voraus_2018_Die_Krupps_0023
  • Volle_Kraft_Voraus_2018_Die_Krupps_0026
  • Volle_Kraft_Voraus_2018_Die_Krupps_0028
  • Volle_Kraft_Voraus_2018_Die_Krupps_0033
  • Volle_Kraft_Voraus_2018_Die_Krupps_0034
  • Volle_Kraft_Voraus_2018_Die_Krupps_0038
  • Volle_Kraft_Voraus_2018_Die_Krupps_0043
  • Volle_Kraft_Voraus_2018_Die_Krupps_0045
  • Volle_Kraft_Voraus_2018_Die_Krupps_0047
  • Volle_Kraft_Voraus_2018_Die_Krupps_0052
  • Volle_Kraft_Voraus_2018_Die_Krupps_0055
  • Volle_Kraft_Voraus_2018_Die_Krupps_0060
  • Volle_Kraft_Voraus_2018_Die_Krupps_0062
  • Volle_Kraft_Voraus_2018_Die_Krupps_0063


Between performances, Hubert Kah came to stage again and again to announce the bands, he has repeatedly thrown the various utensils into the audience, from gum, mini-Deo to vegan lube...! Then it was time for OOMPH! and it’s always hard for me to write about performances of the band without sinking into adulation. But you cannot take it from the band: they are just awesome! This mix of a little bit of craziness and charisma always gives me Goosebumps moments. The band started with ‘Das Weise Licht’, followed by ‘Gott ist ein Popstar’. That evening, the band has actually played all their songs, which are in the direction of faith and God, including ‘Ich bin der neue Gott’ and ‘Gekreuzigt’. The rather difficult and still socially actual song ‘Sandmann’ was also there. A very nice setlist with more hits, like ‘Mein Schatz’, ‘Labyrinth’ and of course ‘Augen auf!’, which has finished the program. OOMPH! was the only band except the headliner who also played a little encore with ‘Mein Herz’.

  • Volle_Kraft_Voraus_2018_Oomph_0002
  • Volle_Kraft_Voraus_2018_Oomph_0004
  • Volle_Kraft_Voraus_2018_Oomph_0010
  • Volle_Kraft_Voraus_2018_Oomph_0014
  • Volle_Kraft_Voraus_2018_Oomph_0015
  • Volle_Kraft_Voraus_2018_Oomph_0019
  • Volle_Kraft_Voraus_2018_Oomph_0021
  • Volle_Kraft_Voraus_2018_Oomph_0024
  • Volle_Kraft_Voraus_2018_Oomph_0027
  • Volle_Kraft_Voraus_2018_Oomph_0028
  • Volle_Kraft_Voraus_2018_Oomph_0032
  • Volle_Kraft_Voraus_2018_Oomph_0033
  • Volle_Kraft_Voraus_2018_Oomph_0038
  • Volle_Kraft_Voraus_2018_Oomph_0041
  • Volle_Kraft_Voraus_2018_Oomph_0042
  • Volle_Kraft_Voraus_2018_Oomph_0047
  • Volle_Kraft_Voraus_2018_Oomph_0052
  • Volle_Kraft_Voraus_2018_Oomph_0055
  • Volle_Kraft_Voraus_2018_Oomph_0057
  • Volle_Kraft_Voraus_2018_Oomph_0058
  • Volle_Kraft_Voraus_2018_Oomph_0059
  • Volle_Kraft_Voraus_2018_Oomph_0065
  • Volle_Kraft_Voraus_2018_Oomph_0068
  • Volle_Kraft_Voraus_2018_Oomph_0069
  • Volle_Kraft_Voraus_2018_Oomph_0075
  • Volle_Kraft_Voraus_2018_Oomph_0077
  • Volle_Kraft_Voraus_2018_Oomph_0079
  • Volle_Kraft_Voraus_2018_Oomph_0080
  • Volle_Kraft_Voraus_2018_Oomph_0086
  • Volle_Kraft_Voraus_2018_Oomph_0087
  • Volle_Kraft_Voraus_2018_Oomph_0088
  • Volle_Kraft_Voraus_2018_Oomph_0091
  • Volle_Kraft_Voraus_2018_Oomph_0096
  • Volle_Kraft_Voraus_2018_Oomph_0107
  • Volle_Kraft_Voraus_2018_Oomph_0109


And then came the moment that everyone was waiting for: the evening’s host announced EISBRECHER to the visitors with a special two-hour show celebrating the band’s 15th anniversary. The curtain fell, the stage was bathed in light and Alex started the party! I have to say that I have been able to experience all my favourite songs live again. Maybe because I knew text from each one, whether new or old, and liked them more or less: from ‘Das Gesetzt’, ‘Was ist hier los?’ to ‘Schwarze Witwe’ and ‘Antikörper’. 15 years on the stage is really a big number and I have a lot of respect for Alex, for everything he does and that he never minces and gives his opinion on where it is burning. He has proved this several times during this evening too.

  • Volle_Kraft_Voraus_2018_Eisbrecher_0004
  • Volle_Kraft_Voraus_2018_Eisbrecher_0005
  • Volle_Kraft_Voraus_2018_Eisbrecher_0016
  • Volle_Kraft_Voraus_2018_Eisbrecher_0017
  • Volle_Kraft_Voraus_2018_Eisbrecher_0019
  • Volle_Kraft_Voraus_2018_Eisbrecher_0020
  • Volle_Kraft_Voraus_2018_Eisbrecher_0024
  • Volle_Kraft_Voraus_2018_Eisbrecher_0025
  • Volle_Kraft_Voraus_2018_Eisbrecher_0030
  • Volle_Kraft_Voraus_2018_Eisbrecher_0032
  • Volle_Kraft_Voraus_2018_Eisbrecher_0035
  • Volle_Kraft_Voraus_2018_Eisbrecher_0037
  • Volle_Kraft_Voraus_2018_Eisbrecher_0038
  • Volle_Kraft_Voraus_2018_Eisbrecher_0039
  • Volle_Kraft_Voraus_2018_Eisbrecher_0044
  • Volle_Kraft_Voraus_2018_Eisbrecher_0045
  • Volle_Kraft_Voraus_2018_Eisbrecher_0049
  • Volle_Kraft_Voraus_2018_Eisbrecher_0051
  • Volle_Kraft_Voraus_2018_Eisbrecher_0052
  • Volle_Kraft_Voraus_2018_Eisbrecher_0057
  • Volle_Kraft_Voraus_2018_Eisbrecher_0059
  • Volle_Kraft_Voraus_2018_Eisbrecher_0061
  • Volle_Kraft_Voraus_2018_Eisbrecher_0063
  • Volle_Kraft_Voraus_2018_Eisbrecher_0067
  • Volle_Kraft_Voraus_2018_Eisbrecher_0073
  • Volle_Kraft_Voraus_2018_Eisbrecher_0082
  • Volle_Kraft_Voraus_2018_Eisbrecher_0083
  • Volle_Kraft_Voraus_2018_Eisbrecher_0085
  • Volle_Kraft_Voraus_2018_Eisbrecher_0091
  • Volle_Kraft_Voraus_2018_Eisbrecher_0092
  • Volle_Kraft_Voraus_2018_Eisbrecher_0093
  • Volle_Kraft_Voraus_2018_Eisbrecher_0101
  • Volle_Kraft_Voraus_2018_Eisbrecher_0108
  • Volle_Kraft_Voraus_2018_Eisbrecher_0109
  • Volle_Kraft_Voraus_2018_Eisbrecher_0110
  • Volle_Kraft_Voraus_2018_Eisbrecher_0111
  • Volle_Kraft_Voraus_2018_Eisbrecher_0114
  • Volle_Kraft_Voraus_2018_Eisbrecher_0118
  • Volle_Kraft_Voraus_2018_Eisbrecher_0120
  • Volle_Kraft_Voraus_2018_Eisbrecher_0121

It was a beautiful celebration and a great anniversary, and one thing is for sure to me: I’ll be back in 2019 and I hope that EISBRECHER will be there again as headliner and not just as host, with even more surprises and fun!

All Pictures by Daria Tessa

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