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zeromancer damnedlemonde
Artist: Zeromancer
Title: Damned Le Monde
Genre: Industrial Rock
Release Date: 19th February 2021
Label: Trisol

Single Review

It’s been a while since the last time I wrote a music review - so what could be a better release to come back to it than the new single by the Norwegian Industrial Rock legends ZEROMANCER? Yes, you heard right. It’s been eight years since their last release in 2013 - still feels like yesterday, but it isn’t. Who does not know the iconic ‘Dr. Online’, fragile ‘Mint’ (you made me cry!) or strong ‘Doppelgänger I Love You’? The new album ‘Orchestra Of Knives’ might have been released by now, but as to everyone else - the virus happened and changed the plans of many artists and just almost every single person I know. But as a reward for the incredible loyalty of the fan base the quintet quite surprisingly announced the release of the first single on 19th February 2021 – ‘Damned Le Monde’.

To be honest, it’s way more difficult to write about a release that affects you so much on a personal level - about a personally important band - but: challenge accepted. Let’s go. During the last few weeks also listening to music became quite rare - the lockdown is paying its toll. But here I just had to wait until midnight of the 19th February to finally get to know how this piece of music will sound like. And oh wait - it’s actually four pieces! Of course, not four totally different songs - but three more different versions of the single. But we’ll come back later to it.

‘Damned Le Monde’ has everything that you need to recognise the signature of the band - and more. But there is this very tiny moment between keeping the signature sound and still being able to create new sound structures and audio feelings that don’t bore the listener - ‘Damned Le Monde’ absolutely proves that ZEROMANCER are mastering this art without doubt. I listened to the single and the remixes a few times on the loop and absolutely could not let go the chorus out of my head anymore. The unmistakable bassline by Kim, the new guitar influence by Per-Olav, Noralf’s driving drum play, Lorry’s key highlights and the unique voice of Alex - there is a strong, special bond between these guys and you can hear it in every single line.

‘Damned Le Monde’ starts groovy, a little bit undercover, takes its time to become more organic, to grow - plays around with elements and takes off for the first time around 1:30 and is culminating towards the end - seriously, I can’t wait so sing along this one live - may the live show gods be with us and give us this opportunity! The last few seconds of the song before the silence is taking over - are calm, pure - and fragile - falling down like raindrops. The lyrics just fit in perfectly in the current time, though the song has been written already a while ago - but there is always the right timing for everything.

A few more words about the remixes - I am not always too excited about them as probably many of us - but those three versions are just perfect - I love the beautiful 80ies style reframing by LOVE + REVENGE, the more spherical version by THIS ETERNAL DECAY and also the playful, organic remix layers by EXFEIND - worth checking out! And please, once we can do this again - I want to dance to the LOVE + REVENGE version with all the 80ies vibes filling every corner of a shabby, dark alternative club! Until then - “fuck it, let’s go!” - the excitement about the upcoming album has grown high! Velkommen tilbake, gutter!


01. Damned Le Monde
02. Damned Le Monde (Rework by Love + Revenge)
03. Damned Le Monde (Remix by Exfeind)
04. Damned Le Monde (Re-Manipulation Mix by This Eternal Decay)


Alex Møklebust – vocals
Lorry Kristiansen – synth
Kim Ljung – bass, vocals
Noralf Ronthi – drums
Per-Olav Wiik – guitars

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zeromancer damnedlemonde


Music: 10
Sound: 10
Total: 10 / 10

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