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zeromancer byebyeborderline
Artist: Zeromancer
Title: Bye Bye Borderline
Genre: Industrial Rock
Release Date: 25th January 2013
Label: Trisol

Album Review

It took years until the second-last album, 'Sinners International', came out. ‘The Death of Romance’ followed just one year later. Then, except from various live shows, the band went silent and a whole three years had passed until we are served with a new – already the sixth – album by the Norwegian Industrial Rockers. With ‘Bye Bye Borderline’, ZEROMANCER deliver the finest soundtrack to your own apocalypse, sounding more intense and determined than they did for a long time. The sound is homogeny and still has its well-known and loved synthetic identity. The album is melancholic and bipolar – in one moment brimful and filled with positive energy, in the other one falling down into bottomless depth. Pleasure and pain just belong together.

The album starts with a real earworm, the German tongued energy laden ‘Auf Wiedersehen Boy’, presenting a quite rough and edgy sound. This song as well as i.e. closing ‘Tortured Artist’ show perfectly how much anger and bitterness has piled over the last three years and had to be burst out. Besides such powerful songs, there are also the calmer ones, like the slow-motion serenade of self-destruction, called ‘Manoeuvres’, or wonderfully emotional ‘Weakness’. As said earlier, the album shows positive as well as negative sides. ‘Ash Wednesday’ belongs to the dark side, the death side; although there still is some hope shimmering through. With ‘Bye Bye Borderline’, ZEROMANCER created a wonderful diversified album, moving between joy and pain, hush and hope, healing and disease… and life or death. But all in all, ZEROMANCER stay true, just added a little more Industrial Pop into their Industrial Rock. Some fans might be a bit disappointed about it, I love it.


01. Auf Wiedersehen Boy - 3:30
02. Bye-Bye Borderline - 4:19
03. Lcyd - 4:08
04. You Meet People Twice - 3:42
05. Manoeuvres - 3:45
06. Weakness - 3:46
07. Lace and Armour - 3:08
08. Montreal - 5:12
09. Ash Wednesday - 4:44
10. The Tortured Artist - 4:18


Alex Møklebust – Vocals
Kim Ljung – Bass, Vocals
Dan Heide – Guitar
Noralf Ronthi – Drums
Lorry Kristiansen – Keyboards

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zeromancer byebyeborderline


Music: 9
Sound: 8
Extras: -
Total: 8.5 / 10

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