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zmr somethingforthepain
Artist: Zeromancer
Title: Something For The Pain - The Best-Of
Genre: Industrial Rock / Metal
Release Date: 1st November 2013
Label: Trisol

Album Review

ZEROMANCER was born out of the ashes of SEIGMEN in 1999, gaining popularity ever since then they’ve released six albums, ‘Something For The Pain - The Best-Of’ is divided into two disc spanning songs from all those albums, the first disc contains a mix of the three first album and the second one the remaining kaleidoscope of their career, culminating in ‘The Underground’, which is a new song.

On the starting line we find ‘Clone your lover’ reminiscent of FRANKIE GOES TO HOLLYWOOD, the catchy, poppy stuff laced by chuggish industrial elements so excellently married together, yes, I said married which proposes the invitation to pro-longed suicide, but don’t despair, this marriage is sexy and spiced up not to bore and you’ll need it like a drug before you know. Well, having said that after that song the album is slightly on a flatter end yet that is not to say unexciting, the songs after are just less catchy and beefy but more thoughtful and reflective. Also this shows versatility of their sound and matching scope of emotional palette.

The second album presents the way they’ve got into dirtier, rawer sound over the time, with lesser emphasis on catchiness (though still present, take such song as ‘The Hate Alphabet’ to name an example) and focusing on more authenticity. The new song ‘The Underground’ has softer elements, catchiness and raw honesty aplenty, also introducing a cross of nostalgic and melancholic feeling, quite cinematic and in a way noir. The ‘Best Of’ doesn’t disappoint, it’s a great cross-cut across their albums, obviously the most suited to new fans and yet quite a good addition into discography for the old fans, even though, let’s face it, these days making one’s own best of’s is terribly easy. Still, a recommend!


01. Clone your lover
02. Something for the Pain
03. Houses of Cards
04. Dr Online
05. Need you like a Drug
06. Cupola
07. Stop the Noise
08. Hollywood
09. Famous last Words

01. Doppelgänger I love you
02. My little Tragedy
03. It sounds like Love (but it looks like Sex)
04. Sinners International
05. The Hate Alphabet
06. Industrypeople
07. V
08. Auf Wiedersehen Boy
09. LCYD
10. The tortured Artist
11. The Underground


Alex Møklebust – vocals
Dan Heide – guitars
Lorry Kristiansen – synth
Kim Ljung – bass, vocals
Noralf Ronthi – drums

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zmr somethingforthepain


Music: 8
Sound: 9
Total: 8.5 / 10

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