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lacunacoil castle party 2022 181Bolkow, Poland
7th to 10th July 2022
Castle Party 2022 Day 3 with Lacuna Coil, Hocico, Aesthetic Perfection, Kaelan Mikla

The festival’s last day spoilt us with nice weather and beautiful shows. So, let’s see what this day brought to us…

I had the chance to see three talented ladies from KAELAN MIKLA this spring in Wroclaw, but I must say a club show and open-air festival carry a completely different energy. Magical, beautiful music and their trademark - characteristic vocal - fit perfectly on the castle stage. A strong wind on that day helped build the sonic sorcery atmosphere and enhanced the sonic beauty even more. We often say KAELAN MIKLA is like three sorceresses, and indeed, the show given in the specific location made us think we were enchanted and bewitched.

  • kaelanmikla_castle_party_2022-236
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  • kaelanmikla_castle_party_2022-253
  • kaelanmikla_castle_party_2022-254
  • kaelanmikla_castle_party_2022-255
  • kaelanmikla_castle_party_2022-256
  • kaelanmikla_castle_party_2022-257
  • kaelanmikla_castle_party_2022-258
  • kaelanmikla_castle_party_2022-259
  • kaelanmikla_castle_party_2022-260

Just after the ladies left the stage, the so-called turbo headliners started one by one, giving us very little time to grab something to drink or at least sit down for a moment. AESTHETIC PERFECTION is one of those projects you either love or hate; there is no room for indifference. They surprise by their scenic looks and spoil with fantastic, super energetic music. This time Daniel offered us a bit of an oriental look whilst his supporting musicians were wearing black studded masks and black outfits. Excellent quality of music, full-blooded performance, and loads of good vibes stood for one of the best concerts of the entire festival.

  • aesthetic_castle_party_2022-215
  • aesthetic_castle_party_2022-216
  • aesthetic_castle_party_2022-217
  • aesthetic_castle_party_2022-218
  • aesthetic_castle_party_2022-219
  • aesthetic_castle_party_2022-220
  • aesthetic_castle_party_2022-221
  • aesthetic_castle_party_2022-222
  • aesthetic_castle_party_2022-223
  • aesthetic_castle_party_2022-224
  • aesthetic_castle_party_2022-225
  • aesthetic_castle_party_2022-226
  • aesthetic_castle_party_2022-227
  • aesthetic_castle_party_2022-228
  • aesthetic_castle_party_2022-229
  • aesthetic_castle_party_2022-230
  • aesthetic_castle_party_2022-231
  • aesthetic_castle_party_2022-232
  • aesthetic_castle_party_2022-233
  • aesthetic_castle_party_2022-234

Right after the fair dose of energy, the specialists of harsh electro, namely HOCICO, took the stage over. This is yet another band whose artistic portfolio includes hits that will always do the job, move the audience and ignite the fire. Erk Aicrag is a hell of a frontman - he managed to make the entire castle dance merely by the power of his vocal and energetic scenic manner. Racso’s gear was placed a bit on the back side of the stage so that there was plenty of space for Erk to march on and cheer the public to run even crazier.

  • hocico_castle_party_2022-203
  • hocico_castle_party_2022-204
  • hocico_castle_party_2022-205
  • hocico_castle_party_2022-206
  • hocico_castle_party_2022-207
  • hocico_castle_party_2022-208
  • hocico_castle_party_2022-209
  • hocico_castle_party_2022-210
  • hocico_castle_party_2022-211
  • hocico_castle_party_2022-212

The grand finale belonged to LACUNA COIL, whose powerful vocals, excellent light show, profound music, and charismatic scenic manner secured a beautiful and emotional closing for the festival. All in all - the 2022 edition of Castle Party was fantastic in terms of music and atmosphere. Great bands and the colourful crowd always make the event special - it was no different this year.

  • lacunacoil_castle_party_2022-181
  • lacunacoil_castle_party_2022-182
  • lacunacoil_castle_party_2022-183
  • lacunacoil_castle_party_2022-184
  • lacunacoil_castle_party_2022-185
  • lacunacoil_castle_party_2022-186
  • lacunacoil_castle_party_2022-187
  • lacunacoil_castle_party_2022-188
  • lacunacoil_castle_party_2022-189
  • lacunacoil_castle_party_2022-190
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  • lacunacoil_castle_party_2022-192
  • lacunacoil_castle_party_2022-193
  • lacunacoil_castle_party_2022-194
  • lacunacoil_castle_party_2022-195
  • lacunacoil_castle_party_2022-196
  • lacunacoil_castle_party_2022-197
  • lacunacoil_castle_party_2022-198
  • lacunacoil_castle_party_2022-199
  • lacunacoil_castle_party_2022-200

All Pictures by Karo Kratochwil

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