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RomeOpen Air Diddeleng, Dudelange, Luxembourg
17th July 2021
Open-Air “Ënnert dem Waassertuerm” – Rome

The first edition of the “Ënnert dem Waassertuerm” festival was born out of the desire to give the public the opportunity to experience a real summer festival season, despite the sanitary crisis and in compliance with the safety measures in force. After the success of the last edition, “Ënnert dem Wassertuerm” is celebrating its return in 2021 with an even richer and more varied programme. On Saturday, the car park of the Centre Culturel Régional Dudelange opderschmelz and the Centre national de l’audiovisuel, with its imposing water tower, to which this new festival owes its name, was transformed into an open-air concert with the Dark Folk of ROME.

Luxembourg-born singer/songwriter Jerome Reuter founded his multilingual project ROME (ROME is a derivative of his first name) in 2005 and has since created an impressive body of work that includes at least 15 studio albums and numerous other official releases. Reuter’s compelling brand of Dark Folk merges various musical influences from Post Punk to Chanson. Lyrically inspired by world literature from Burroughs to Brecht, Celine to Cioran, from Hesse to Jünger; Reuter’s detailed, well-researched, yet particularly accessible concept albums combine his interest in history, philosophy and the arts in a most compelling way.

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All pictures by Elena Arens

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