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Diary of DreamsL2 Club, Görlitz, Germany
28th October 2022
Diary of Dreams - “Hell in Eden” Tour - Support: Seelennacht

Fans of Halloween festivities could be very content this year - the weekend was long and full of many exciting events. For some, it started on Friday and lasted till Monday, so there were plenty of occasions to have fun and meet favourite bands. DIARY OF DREAMS, whose “Hell in Eden” tour had to be postponed due to Covid restrictions, could finally happen. The artists performed in four cities - Jena, Görlitz, Zabrze and Vienna. I was fortunate to participate in the concert in the most excellent venue, the club L2 in Görlitz. Nice location with a pleasing vibe and great atmosphere; spacious but not overwhelmingly big, it offered a fine space for the most fantastic music show to take  place.


The German Dark Electronic project SEELENNACHT opened the night. SEELENNACHT, founded in 2008 by Marc Ziegler (Tamm), is a project whose music could be briefly described as a combination of in Gothic-Electro and Romantic Future-Pop . The artists took us into the musical journey being a mix of both: energetic and melancholic. Great scenic look and performance, attention to detail, and great dancy potential the music of the band carries was a good night opening indeed.

01. Vorwärts
02. Schornsteinfeger
03. Fährmann
04. Cursed
05. Aftermatch
06. The Pages in Between
07. Mann in Mond
08. New Visions
09. Unknown Lands

Music: 7
Performance: 7
Light: 8
Sound: 8
Total: 7.5 / 10

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Diary of Dreams

Many of us waited impatiently for the DIARY OF DREAMS concert. The once-rescheduled concerts finally took place and certainly proved the wait for totally worth it. Adrian Hates’ project achieved mastery at building up an exceptional atmosphere and accumulating strong emotions - in this aspect, they are probably second to none. And that’s exactly what we got during the concert - an irresistible load of beautiful music, which for many people is a huge part of their personal stories, masterful performance, a beautiful spectacle of sounds and lights, and a cross-section of both older and newer songs.

diaryofdreams byKaroKratochwil01

Music & Performance
The musicians appeared on the stage in a rather dim light wearing masks which they took off only after the energetic opening with ‘Made in Shame’ was over. Just after the energetic kick-off, we were served one of the most profound goose-bumps givers, ‘Epicon’, which carried the emotions of the crowd to the peak. The following songs from older albums like ‘MenschFeind’, ‘Chemicals’, or ‘The Curse’ just made the effect even more perfect. The rich and diversified setlist chosen for the night included sublime, epic pieces, as well as the energetic classics of DIARY OF DREAMS, plus those that would probably bring tears to one’s eyes every time (for example, ‘She and Her Darkness’ - I always fall for it and I know I’m not the only one).

diaryofdreams byKaroKratochwil09

DIARY OF DREAMS give a full range of sonic variety - from the tones dwelling on the darkest, melancholic areas that are full of despair and pain, through aggressive and pensive sonic scapes - the musicians achieved full mastery in expressing these emotions and controlling them in the most refined form. Rare and beautiful. An equally important part of the concert was the band's stage performance itself - fantastic contact with the audience, beautiful lights, a multitude of emotions emanating from the stage, and a sensational atmosphere - all the elements worked perfectly well, and I think that none left the concert disappointed.

diaryofdreams byKaroKratochwil10

I do not remember the last time I had the opportunity to participate in an event where the audience would sing most of the songs from the setlist along with the artist - this fact alone proves how close and dear to many people the work of DIARY OF DREAMS is. Such concerts are not only a musical or artistic experience, they also provide emotional vent and sense of being a part of fantastic community. A beautiful one, bravo!

01. Made in Shame
02. Epicon
03. MenschFeind
04. Charma Sleeper
05. Malum
06. Chemicals
07. the Curse
08. Soul Stripper
09. She and her darkness
10. Butterfly Dance
11. listen and scream
12. decipher me
13. Kindrom
14. the Plague
15. AmoK
16. Endless nights
17. Undividable
18. Ikarus

Music: 10
Performance: 10
Light: 10
Sound: 10
Total: 10 / 10

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  • diaryofdreams_byKaroKratochwil10
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  • diaryofdreams_byKaroKratochwil13
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All pictures by Karo Kratochwil

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