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schattenmann byKaroKratochwil13Alter Schlachthof, Dresden, Germany
10th June 2023
Schattenmann - Support on Eisbrecher “Liebe Macht Monstour”

The tour postponed from 2020 finally took place in 2023. As an opening band, the German project SCHATTENMANN presented their energetic and unique show. Filled with guitar and vocalic power, an impressive light show and a strong stage presence the artists managed to deliver a truly powerful and unique musical experience.

SCHATTENMANN released four albums so far (‘Licht an’ in 2018, ‘Epidemie’ in 2019, ‘Chaos’ in 2021, and ‘Día de Muertos’ in 2023) and they are continuously evolving. As a result, they deliver a modern Metal sound seasoned very nicely with Industrial elements. Alongside guitarist Jan Shook, bassist Luke Shook, and drummer Nils Kinzig, the driving force behind this solid musical collective is SCHATTENMANN’s lead vocalist, Frank Herzig. Herzig’s stage presence is charismatic and ever-present, enhancing the band’s overall impact.

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All Pictures by Karo Kratochwil

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