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instrictconfidence hate2love
Artist: In Strict Confidence
Title: Hate2Love
Genre: Electro / Synth / Darkwave
Release Date: 21st September 2018
Label: Minuswelt (Soulfood)

Album Review

We all know IN STRICT CONFIDENCE and their hits like ‘Zauberschloß’, ’Herzattacke’, ‘Silver Bullets’ or ‘My Despair’ just to name a few of their near 30 years history in Electronic / Synth genre. With ‘Hate2Love’ comes their 13th album. First song, ‘Flashover’, is starting melodic and with very clear lyrics and vocals. Next track is ‘Mercy’ which we were able to see as spectacular video. That song comes with edges and corners and is powerful and comes with a melodic chorus full IN STRICT CONFIDENCE typical manner. Song number three is ‘Used & Abused’ which is starting with piano like synthesizers going over into suing melodies and rough vocals. Very danceable track! Next track is ‘Stay’ which is coming with piano at the start and is a beautiful ballad with German lyrics. The chorus then comes in English. Very nice track. Nice mix of different languages. Song number five is ’No One remembers’ and is bringing us pure synth sounds paired with a very rough facet of Dennis Ostermann’s voice and great rhythm.

Next track is ‘Every Start has its End’ and starts with some guitar sounds and very EBM typical rhythm and an absolute typical and great ISC sound. So far, my favourite. Song number seven is ‘Three Evils of society’. It is bringing us some experimental synths and some samples leading us over to nice vocals and a cool melody. Next up is ‘Rain Dance’ starting with a warm female voice and some spherical synths making us relax and dream. Song number nine is ‘Reign of Love’ and ties on the before. There we have Dennis’ voice back and those ISC typical melodies and sounds. Perfect synthesizers. I really enjoy that song. ‘Wartime lies’ starts a bit slow but then it comes around the corner with Future Pop elements. Very great! I like surprises! Very good rhythm. Next up we have ‘Devil’s Trident’ and that track is starting with rough and strange sounds mixed with samples. Experimental track. Here I miss completely the vocals. Last but not least we have ‘Chor der Toten’ which is starting with a strange intro and brings us some distorted lyrics also some cool synthesizers. Still missing the vocals. All in all, cool ISC album with a lot surprises.


01 Flashover
02 Mercy
03 Used & Abused
04 Stay
05 No One remembers
06 Every Start has its End
07 Three Evils of Society
08 Rain Dance
09 Reign of Love
10 Wartime Lies
11 Devil‘s Trident
12 Chor der Toten


Dennis Ostermann
Rhys Fulber (Co Producer)
Peter Devin (One track)
Dirk Riegner (Coop.)

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instrictconfidence hate2love


Music: 8
Sound: 8
Total: 8 / 10

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