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henricdelacour gimmedaggers
Artist: Henric De La Cour
Title: Gimme Daggers
Genre: Dark Wave / Electro Goth
Release Date: 14th September 2018
Label: Progress Productions

Album Review

HENRIC DE LA COUR is a well-known Electro and Darkwave artist from the Swedish electronic universe. ‘Gimme Daggers’ is his 3rd album. The album is starting with ‘Slow Death Intro’ and its spherical and pure synth sounds, bringing us some real Darkwave sounds and a great voice. Dreamy and thoughtful. Song number two is ‘Kowalski Was Here’ which is reminding me on the 80ies and their perfect Darkwave and of course also on David Bowie which is meant as big compliment. Following track, ‘Two Against One’, is another great Darkwave track. Strong and powerful still reminding me on my early days in the Goth scene mixed with modern sounds. Next song is ‘Body Politic’ which is starting with Henric’s great voice and a melancholic melody. It is bringing me goose bumps. Very touching. Great ballad. Track number five is ‘Driver’ and is bringing us back some more power paired with a strong chorus and some ominous piano sounds.

Next song is ‘Hank sometimes’ which is starting with rough sounds and clear vocals. Very powerful and melancholic track. Different and well-known in the same way. Song number seven is ‘Mr. D’ and there we have some pure Electro Goth to listen to. Reminds me on the early SILKE BISHOFF which is meant in a good way. Great track! Track number eight is ‘New Building’ and is continuing with that unique Darkwave sound. Great vocals and a great and strong chorus. Very danceable song. Earworm guaranteed. On the next track, ‘Teeth, Please’, we hear Camilla Karlsson’s great voice directly from the start. It is a great duet with great synth sounds. Track number ten is ’Worthless Web’ and is coming with some very spherical synthesizers and is kind of a ballad but still makes me tap my feet a bit. Following ‘Arkham Supermarket’ reminds me of course directly on Gotham and Batman. It is starting directly with danceable and bouncy synths. Very melodic. Last track is ‘Fury’ and this is a duet with Rikard - the whole song they sing together. Nice closing track which is rounding up the whole long-player. All in all, I am surprised in a positive way. Great Darkwave album. Most Swedish bands in the electronic genre are great. HENRIC DE LA COUR is no exception.


01. Slow Death Intro
02. Kowalski Was Here
03. Two Against One
04. Body Politic
05. Driver
06. Hank Sometimes
07. Mr. D
08. New Building
09. Teeth, Please
10. Worthless Web
11. Arkham Supermarket
12. Fury


Henric De La Cour
Camilla Karlsson
Rikard Lindh

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henricdelacour gimmedaggers


Music: 9
Sound: 8
Total: 8.5 / 10

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