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subwaytosallyfeuertalfestival2019 020Waldbühne Hardt, Wuppertal, Germany
30th August 2019
Feuertal Festival 2019 with Haggefugg, Mr. Irish Bastard, Unzucht, Mr. Hurley & Die Pulveraffen, Feuerschwanz, Subway to Sally

As every year, the Waldbühne Hardt in Wuppertal attracted numerous visitors from near and far to the Feuertal Festival 2019. Far away from the big events, around 2,000 visitors come here year after year to listen to mostly rock and medieval sounds. Moderator MajorVoice first opened the festival on Saturday afternoon with the official Feuertal anthem. The partly musical, partly comedic moderation with changing outfits pleased the visitors throughout the day.


Musically the Feuertal Festival 2019 started with HAGGEFUGG. The band, which describes their music as “Cheers-Medieval party Rock” (“Prost-Mittelalter Party Rock”), is musically located somewhere between FEUERSCHWANZ, SCHELMISH and MR. HURLEY & DIE PULVERAFFEN, and did a fine job in her role as opener.

  • haggefuggfeuertalfestival2019_001
  • haggefuggfeuertalfestival2019_002
  • haggefuggfeuertalfestival2019_003
  • haggefuggfeuertalfestival2019_004
  • haggefuggfeuertalfestival2019_005
  • haggefuggfeuertalfestival2019_006
  • haggefuggfeuertalfestival2019_007
  • haggefuggfeuertalfestival2019_008
  • haggefuggfeuertalfestival2019_009
  • haggefuggfeuertalfestival2019_010
  • haggefuggfeuertalfestival2019_011
  • haggefuggfeuertalfestival2019_012
  • haggefuggfeuertalfestival2019_013
  • haggefuggfeuertalfestival2019_014
  • haggefuggfeuertalfestival2019_015
  • haggefuggfeuertalfestival2019_016
  • haggefuggfeuertalfestival2019_017
  • haggefuggfeuertalfestival2019_018
  • haggefuggfeuertalfestival2019_019
  • haggefuggfeuertalfestival2019_020
  • haggefuggfeuertalfestival2019_021
  • haggefuggfeuertalfestival2019_022
  • haggefuggfeuertalfestival2019_023
  • haggefuggfeuertalfestival2019_024
  • haggefuggfeuertalfestival2019_025

Mr. Irish Bastard

With Irish Folk it went on with MR. IRISH BASTARD, who played the stages for 13 years now and already played with stars like FLOGGING MOLLY, FIDDLER'S GREEN or DROPKICK MURPHYS. A grandiose, energetic show!

  • mririshbastardfeuertalfestival2019_001
  • mririshbastardfeuertalfestival2019_002
  • mririshbastardfeuertalfestival2019_003
  • mririshbastardfeuertalfestival2019_004
  • mririshbastardfeuertalfestival2019_005
  • mririshbastardfeuertalfestival2019_006
  • mririshbastardfeuertalfestival2019_007
  • mririshbastardfeuertalfestival2019_008
  • mririshbastardfeuertalfestival2019_009
  • mririshbastardfeuertalfestival2019_010
  • mririshbastardfeuertalfestival2019_011
  • mririshbastardfeuertalfestival2019_012
  • mririshbastardfeuertalfestival2019_013
  • mririshbastardfeuertalfestival2019_014
  • mririshbastardfeuertalfestival2019_015
  • mririshbastardfeuertalfestival2019_016
  • mririshbastardfeuertalfestival2019_017
  • mririshbastardfeuertalfestival2019_018
  • mririshbastardfeuertalfestival2019_019
  • mririshbastardfeuertalfestival2019_020


For musical diversion now the UNZUCHT came quite convenient. The band around the charismatic singer Daniel Schulz delivered a damn fine show and a solid demolition of the Waldbühne, which one would have liked to have liked longer later.

  • unzuchtfeuertalfestival2019_001
  • unzuchtfeuertalfestival2019_002
  • unzuchtfeuertalfestival2019_003
  • unzuchtfeuertalfestival2019_004
  • unzuchtfeuertalfestival2019_005
  • unzuchtfeuertalfestival2019_006
  • unzuchtfeuertalfestival2019_007
  • unzuchtfeuertalfestival2019_008
  • unzuchtfeuertalfestival2019_009
  • unzuchtfeuertalfestival2019_010
  • unzuchtfeuertalfestival2019_011
  • unzuchtfeuertalfestival2019_012
  • unzuchtfeuertalfestival2019_013
  • unzuchtfeuertalfestival2019_014
  • unzuchtfeuertalfestival2019_015
  • unzuchtfeuertalfestival2019_016
  • unzuchtfeuertalfestival2019_017
  • unzuchtfeuertalfestival2019_018
  • unzuchtfeuertalfestival2019_019
  • unzuchtfeuertalfestival2019_020
  • unzuchtfeuertalfestival2019_021
  • unzuchtfeuertalfestival2019_022
  • unzuchtfeuertalfestival2019_023
  • unzuchtfeuertalfestival2019_024
  • unzuchtfeuertalfestival2019_025
  • unzuchtfeuertalfestival2019_026
  • unzuchtfeuertalfestival2019_027
  • unzuchtfeuertalfestival2019_028
  • unzuchtfeuertalfestival2019_029
  • unzuchtfeuertalfestival2019_030
  • unzuchtfeuertalfestival2019_031
  • unzuchtfeuertalfestival2019_032
  • unzuchtfeuertalfestival2019_033
  • unzuchtfeuertalfestival2019_034
  • unzuchtfeuertalfestival2019_035

Mr. Hurley & Die Pulveraffen

The pirates of MR. HURLEY & DIE PULVERAFFEN boarded the stage next. In 2015, the funny sailors made their first appearance at the Feuertal Festival, and they delivered a great, interactive show again this year. With their last album, ‘Leviathan’, of course, one or the other piece could not be missing. Especially the medley, which included songs by JOHNNY CASH, THE BEATLES, WIZO, SCOOTER, CULTURE BEATS and EIFFEL 65, made for a decent mood.

  • mrhurleyunddiepulveraffenfeuertalfestival2019_001
  • mrhurleyunddiepulveraffenfeuertalfestival2019_002
  • mrhurleyunddiepulveraffenfeuertalfestival2019_003
  • mrhurleyunddiepulveraffenfeuertalfestival2019_004
  • mrhurleyunddiepulveraffenfeuertalfestival2019_005
  • mrhurleyunddiepulveraffenfeuertalfestival2019_006
  • mrhurleyunddiepulveraffenfeuertalfestival2019_007
  • mrhurleyunddiepulveraffenfeuertalfestival2019_008
  • mrhurleyunddiepulveraffenfeuertalfestival2019_009
  • mrhurleyunddiepulveraffenfeuertalfestival2019_010
  • mrhurleyunddiepulveraffenfeuertalfestival2019_011
  • mrhurleyunddiepulveraffenfeuertalfestival2019_012
  • mrhurleyunddiepulveraffenfeuertalfestival2019_013
  • mrhurleyunddiepulveraffenfeuertalfestival2019_014
  • mrhurleyunddiepulveraffenfeuertalfestival2019_015


Talking about exuberant lyrics and wild celebration, of course, a band cannot be missed: FEUERSCHWANZ! “Mead and puss” (“Met und Miezen”) instead of historical correctness has always been a motto of the band, which they also indulged extensively here. Together they sang, danced, drank mead and celebrated old and new hits.

  • feuerschwanzfeuertalfestival2019_001
  • feuerschwanzfeuertalfestival2019_002
  • feuerschwanzfeuertalfestival2019_003
  • feuerschwanzfeuertalfestival2019_004
  • feuerschwanzfeuertalfestival2019_005
  • feuerschwanzfeuertalfestival2019_006
  • feuerschwanzfeuertalfestival2019_007
  • feuerschwanzfeuertalfestival2019_008
  • feuerschwanzfeuertalfestival2019_009
  • feuerschwanzfeuertalfestival2019_010
  • feuerschwanzfeuertalfestival2019_011
  • feuerschwanzfeuertalfestival2019_012
  • feuerschwanzfeuertalfestival2019_013
  • feuerschwanzfeuertalfestival2019_014
  • feuerschwanzfeuertalfestival2019_015
  • feuerschwanzfeuertalfestival2019_016
  • feuerschwanzfeuertalfestival2019_017
  • feuerschwanzfeuertalfestival2019_018
  • feuerschwanzfeuertalfestival2019_019
  • feuerschwanzfeuertalfestival2019_020
  • feuerschwanzfeuertalfestival2019_021
  • feuerschwanzfeuertalfestival2019_022
  • feuerschwanzfeuertalfestival2019_023
  • feuerschwanzfeuertalfestival2019_024
  • feuerschwanzfeuertalfestival2019_025
  • feuerschwanzfeuertalfestival2019_026
  • feuerschwanzfeuertalfestival2019_027
  • feuerschwanzfeuertalfestival2019_028
  • feuerschwanzfeuertalfestival2019_029
  • feuerschwanzfeuertalfestival2019_030

Subway to Sally

With SUBWAY TO SALLY the Feuertal Festival was coming to an end a bit prematurely. The festival veterans with singer Eric Fish, who was not only the moderator of the Feuertal Festial for many years but also composed the official festival hymn, just released their latest album, ‘HEY!’, from which one or the other song was on the setlist. With an energetic, although completely pyro-free concert, SUBWAY TO SALLY proved that they rightly got the spot as headliners. And although an approaching thunderstorm and a heavy downpour put the concert on a temporary compulsory break, SUBWAY TO SALLY concluded the Feuertal Festival 2019 with an outstanding show.

  • subwaytosallyfeuertalfestival2019_001
  • subwaytosallyfeuertalfestival2019_002
  • subwaytosallyfeuertalfestival2019_003
  • subwaytosallyfeuertalfestival2019_004
  • subwaytosallyfeuertalfestival2019_005
  • subwaytosallyfeuertalfestival2019_006
  • subwaytosallyfeuertalfestival2019_007
  • subwaytosallyfeuertalfestival2019_008
  • subwaytosallyfeuertalfestival2019_009
  • subwaytosallyfeuertalfestival2019_010
  • subwaytosallyfeuertalfestival2019_011
  • subwaytosallyfeuertalfestival2019_012
  • subwaytosallyfeuertalfestival2019_013
  • subwaytosallyfeuertalfestival2019_014
  • subwaytosallyfeuertalfestival2019_015
  • subwaytosallyfeuertalfestival2019_016
  • subwaytosallyfeuertalfestival2019_017
  • subwaytosallyfeuertalfestival2019_018
  • subwaytosallyfeuertalfestival2019_019
  • subwaytosallyfeuertalfestival2019_020

Beside the concerts the Feuertal Festival 2019 had a lot to offer, too: The small medieval market invited to stroll and shop, the grounds of the Hardt to linger, dance and relax. A beautiful, contemplative festival that marks my personal end to the festival season year after year - and hopefully for many years to come.

All pictures by Emma Mzyk

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