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schandmaul folkfield festival 2022 Amphitheater, Gelsenkirchen, Germany
11th June 2022
Folkfield Festival 2022 with Tir Nan Og, Rauhbein, d'Artagnan, Mr. Hurley & Die Pulveraffen, Feuerschwanz and Schandmaul

On June 11th the Folkfield Festival 2022 took place for the first time in the Amphitheater Gelsenkirchen to celebrate the new album release ‘Knüppel aus dem Sack’ by SCHANDMAUL. They had selected a number of companions for their event, so that throughout the day, TIR NAN OG, RAUHBEIN, D'ARTAGNAN, MR. HURLEY & DIE PULVERAFFEN and FEUERSCHWANZ got the audience in the right mood for the headliner, SCHANDMAUL.

At noon the gates opened and a crowd, mostly dressed in black, quickly filled the Amphitheater. A few visitors also came in medieval garb and one might have had the impression, that the Blackfield Festival returned for one day.

As opener, the Irish folk rock band TIR NAN OG played in front of an already packed infield and managed to create a great atmosphere despite the early hour and the already high summer temperatures.

  • tir-na-nog_folkfield-festival-2022-1
  • tir-na-nog_folkfield-festival-2022-10
  • tir-na-nog_folkfield-festival-2022-11
  • tir-na-nog_folkfield-festival-2022-2
  • tir-na-nog_folkfield-festival-2022-3
  • tir-na-nog_folkfield-festival-2022-4
  • tir-na-nog_folkfield-festival-2022-5
  • tir-na-nog_folkfield-festival-2022-6
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  • tir-na-nog_folkfield-festival-2022-8

Afterwards, RAUHBEIN, who recently accompanied D'ARTAGNAN on their “Feuer & Flamme” tour, heated up the audience further, so that the refreshments offered at the festival were gladly used after this concert at the latest.

  • rauhbein_folkfield-festival-2022-1
  • rauhbein_folkfield-festival-2022-2
  • rauhbein_folkfield-festival-2022-3
  • rauhbein_folkfield-festival-2022-4
  • rauhbein_folkfield-festival-2022-5

After a short changeover, D’ARTAGNAN entered the stage, hitting the nerve of the audience with their musketeer folk at the best hour. With a mixture of new tracks from their current album ‘Feuer & Flamme’ and old hits, the concert flew by until a confetti rain fell over the audience at the end.

  • dartagnan_folkfield-festival-2022-1
  • dartagnan_folkfield-festival-2022-2
  • dartagnan_folkfield-festival-2022-3
  • dartagnan_folkfield-festival-2022-4
  • dartagnan_folkfield-festival-2022-5

Now MR. HURLEY & DIE PULVERAFFEN hoisted their colors and took the audience on a grand voyage through the Caribbean. Anyone who has experienced the band before knows how difficult it is to escape the dynamics of the concerts. And indeed, despite the sweltering midday heat, the infield quickly became a party cauldron.

  • mr-hurley-und-die-pulveraffen_folkfield-festival-2022-1
  • mr-hurley-und-die-pulveraffen_folkfield-festival-2022-10
  • mr-hurley-und-die-pulveraffen_folkfield-festival-2022-11
  • mr-hurley-und-die-pulveraffen_folkfield-festival-2022-2
  • mr-hurley-und-die-pulveraffen_folkfield-festival-2022-3
  • mr-hurley-und-die-pulveraffen_folkfield-festival-2022-4
  • mr-hurley-und-die-pulveraffen_folkfield-festival-2022-5
  • mr-hurley-und-die-pulveraffen_folkfield-festival-2022-6
  • mr-hurley-und-die-pulveraffen_folkfield-festival-2022-7
  • mr-hurley-und-die-pulveraffen_folkfield-festival-2022-8

With FEUERSCHWANZ the co-headliner was now on stage - but thanks to a certain virus without both Johanna von der Vögelweide and Mieze Musch-Musch. But FEUERSCHWANZ had a lot of energy, good mood and excellent music with them and let them spread to the audience within the first few seconds of the concert. Meanwhile the audience not only proved that they were able to sing along, but also that they hadn’t forgotten how to party during the pandemic.

  • feuerschwanz_folkfield-festival-2022-1
  • feuerschwanz_folkfield-festival-2022-10
  • feuerschwanz_folkfield-festival-2022-11
  • feuerschwanz_folkfield-festival-2022-12
  • feuerschwanz_folkfield-festival-2022-13
  • feuerschwanz_folkfield-festival-2022-14
  • feuerschwanz_folkfield-festival-2022-15
  • feuerschwanz_folkfield-festival-2022-16
  • feuerschwanz_folkfield-festival-2022-17
  • feuerschwanz_folkfield-festival-2022-18
  • feuerschwanz_folkfield-festival-2022-19
  • feuerschwanz_folkfield-festival-2022-2
  • feuerschwanz_folkfield-festival-2022-20
  • feuerschwanz_folkfield-festival-2022-21
  • feuerschwanz_folkfield-festival-2022-22
  • feuerschwanz_folkfield-festival-2022-3
  • feuerschwanz_folkfield-festival-2022-4
  • feuerschwanz_folkfield-festival-2022-5
  • feuerschwanz_folkfield-festival-2022-6
  • feuerschwanz_folkfield-festival-2022-7

Of course, SCHANDMAUL headlined this first Folkfield Festival at the very end. Their new album, ‘Knüppel aus dem Sack’, was released the day before and went straight to number five in the German album charts. However, the choice of songs was not limited to the last work but offered a varied journey through many years of band history. But this concert also had to come to an end after several encores.

  • schandmaul_folkfield-festival-2022-1
  • schandmaul_folkfield-festival-2022-10
  • schandmaul_folkfield-festival-2022-11
  • schandmaul_folkfield-festival-2022-12
  • schandmaul_folkfield-festival-2022-2
  • schandmaul_folkfield-festival-2022-3
  • schandmaul_folkfield-festival-2022-4
  • schandmaul_folkfield-festival-2022-5
  • schandmaul_folkfield-festival-2022-6
  • schandmaul_folkfield-festival-2022-7

What a nice reunion in the Amphitheater Gelsenkirchen, almost like in the old days. Great organisation, a great atmosphere and a great selection of bands - it makes you want more. Fortunately, the Folkfield Festival 2023 has already been announced: Next year SCHANDMAUL will celebrate their 25th anniversary and want to celebrate on two days, namely on July 7th and 8th, 2023 in Gelsenkirchen. We can’t wait to see which bands and surprises await us!

All pictures by Matthias Irrgang

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