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UnzuchtBiNuu, Berlin, Germany
1st December 2018
Unzucht - “Akephalos Tour” 2018 - Support: Johnny Deathshadow & Surprise guest: Katarina Gubanova

UNZUCHT released their 6th album, ‘Akephalos’, earlier this year and are touring across Germany with their new songs, but the guys from Hanover are also playing some gigs outside of Germany, like just lately with befriended LORD OF THE LOST in London. On that first weekend in December, when the Christmas markets just opened their doors, UNZUCHT invited everyone looking for some dark madness to their gig at BiNuu in Berlin.

Johnny Deathshadow

JOHNNY DEATHSHADOW was founded in 2010 as Horror Punk cover band, but after a while, self-written songs were released and JOHNNY DEATHSHADOW turned into a band with their own repertoire. First EP, ‘Blood & Bones’, was released in 2013, the debut album, ‘Bleed With Me’, followed in 2016. The brand new single, ‘Trauma’, was released end of October and of course presented live. The release of the new album called ‘D.R.E.A.M.’ is scheduled for 18th January 2019. /

IMG 3167 JDS

Music & Performance
The venue BiNuu got filled with people pretty fast and the time from the doors to open until JOHNNY DEATHSHADOW came on stage was just about half an hour. I really appreciate that the organizers didn’t let the people wait too long. Though an hour until the first band starts playing is pretty usual, I just experienced a scheduled waiting time of 1.5 hours at another gig and that was just way too long having in mind that the main act will play about an hour later. The small stage of BiNuu seemed even lot smaller since the drums of UNZUCHT and JOHNNY DEATHSHADOW were built up, so there was literally not much space at all left for the guys. The band is famous for their skeleton corpse paint which looks really cool on all. So the music is a mix of Horror Punk, Deathrock and a touch of Emocore (to me).

IMG 3216 JDS

The guys rocked the stage with their 8-songs-setlist for this night and there were many people who enjoyed their show and head-banged throughout the gig. The calls for mosh pit were kinda ignored though. Sorry guys, not the crowd to do this. Nevertheless the guys warmed the audience very good and I really enjoyed their gig. I met one of them in October while waiting in the line for the LORD OF THE LOST gig in Hamburg where he was doing some promo for the upcoming releases and gigs. The guys from JOHNNY DEATHSHADOW are really active in the next months (e. g. support for HELL BOULEVARD) and I hope they will be able to increase their fan base even more. Another detail I liked a lot about their show was the light. Though there was really no space on stage, the light along with the corpse paint and of course music created a very cool atmosphere for a Horror Punk gig. Cool choice here!

IMG 3215 JDS

A short trigger warning: do not attend if you cannot handle a zombie destroying a bible. To me, I think, there is still space for doing it in an even more spectacular way. So you can get even more creative, guys. I am really curious about anything to come and to watch the guys grow.

01. Red Rain
02. Trauma
03. Apocalypse Trigger
04. Embers
05. Sleeper
06. Ghost
07. Under His Eye
08. Kill The Lights

Music: 8
Performance: 7
Light: 9
Sound: 7
Total: 7.8 / 10

IMG 3252 JDS


The guys from UNZUCHT are always on the road and a gig of them is always guaranteed to be a great night. The current ‘Akephalos’ tour consists of 16 dates, starting from 2nd November 2018 in Paris and going on until 22nd December 2018 ending in the band’s home base Hanover. The new album ‘Akephalos’ is another creation that shows different sides of UNZUCHT, from rocking out like hell to the very calm and thoughtful sounds and words. /

IMG 3416 Unzucht

Music & Performance
After a short break during that the equipment of JOHNNY DEATHSHADOW was taken down from the stage (wow, it was still not huge, but how much more space there suddenly was!) UNZUCHT entered the stage with a lot of energy and good vibes. The opener was ‘Die verbotene Frucht’, taken from the latest release ‘Akephalos’ like six other songs that were presented to the audience that night. The crowd was in best mood and BiNuu well filled. Daniel Schulz was smiling all the way and everyone on stage and in front of it was there to have a great night. ‘Die verbotene Frucht’ is a heavier song in UNZUCHT’s repertoire with a whole lot of melancholy. Also the next three songs ‘Nela’, ‘Der Tod in mir’ and ‘Ein Wort fliegt wie ein Stein’ are taken from ‘Akephalos’. One of my favourites on this album is actually ‘Nela’ and I really loved to hear it live. Amazing song!

IMG 3377 Unzucht

The first “older” songs were ‘Lava’ from the last studio album ‘Neuntöter’ and ‘Widerstand’ (title song of the live album ‘Widerstand’, 2017). The atmosphere was just great, the cosy BiNuu was celebrating throughout all songs. A really older song that was played and I really liked, is ‘Der letzte Tanz’ (from ‘Todsünde 8’, 2012). You can totally say “a classic”. Beside of ‘Nela’, my favourite from the current album is ‘Du fehlst’ that was performed in a very touching way. Daniel De Clercq sat down in the centre and a very dark and melancholic mood covered the place. The band showed so much emotion here and the break to the next song was not the easiest, but I really enjoyed every second of it!

IMG 3488 Unzucht

After the melancholic songs dominated the first part of the gig somehow, the second part was more “in your face”. Classics like ‘Unzucht’ and my very, very favourite song ‘Kleine geile Nonne’ brought the whole energy of UNZUCHT and the audience was celebrating, singing and dancing all the time. How there could be an UNZUCHT gig without the songs ‘Nur die Ewigkeit’ and ‘Deine Zeit läuft ab’? These closed the main part of the gig before the band left the stage.

IMG 3471 Unzucht

Of course the crowd was shouting “Zugabe” (German for “encore”) and “UNZUCHT” for more and so the crew brought very fast a keyboard in the centre of the stage which was really unusual, I guess. Daniel Schulz came on stage alone first and then introduced a surprise guest, the musician Katarina Gubanova. Katarina came on stage and took place behind the keyboard. This was a very special part of the gig that only happened in Berlin during this tour (so far). The encore started with the minimal and beautiful version of ‘Wir sind das Feuer’. Daniel and Katarina harmonized perfectly on stage and since I am a fan of all kinds of acoustic, minimal or classic versions of songs, I was really happy about this surprise and enjoyed it a lot. The second song with Katarina was even more special since it was the VERY FIRST time that the song was ever played live: ‘Ein Tag wie jeder andere’ from the ‘Kettenhund EP’ and can be also found on the piano bonus cd of ‘Akephalos’.

IMG 3525 Unzucht mit Katarina Encore

The performance was perfect, very emotional and let me forget everything around me for a moment. Such an amazing surprise! After the two songs Katarina left the stage and the other band members came back on stage to perform the mandatory ‘Engel der Vernichtung’. The gig was just perfect this way. Daniel Schulz also enjoyed a short stage diving trip and after the song was played every band member enjoyed the well-deserved applause for a little while. Shortly after the gig ended, fans also got the chance to say “hello” and take a souvenir photo with the band members. This gig was a perfect start of the last month of 2018, the year that turned so many gigs in great memories and this on definitely became one of them.

IMG 3478 Unzucht

01. Die verbotene Frucht
02. Nela
03. Der Tod in mir
04. Ein Wort fliegt wie ein Stein
05. Lava
06. Widerstand
07. Nur die halbe Wahrheit
08. Der letzte Tanz
09. Kettenhund
10. Du fehlst
11. Nachts im Meer
12. Unzucht
13. Kleine geile Nonne
14. Nur die Ewigkeit
15. Deine Zeit läuft ab
16. Wir sind das Feuer (with Katarina Gubanova at keys)
17. Ein Tag wie jeder andere (live premiere) (with Katarina Gubanova at keys)
18. Engel der Vernichtung

Music: 9
Performance: 10
Light: 8
Sound: 9
Total: 9 / 10

IMG 3468 Unzucht

All pictures by Nastja Iz

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