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unzucht08Knust, Hamburg, Germany
25th November 2016
Unzucht, Firstborn & Randolph's Grin

It was a foggy evening, like in Silent Hill - just Silent Hamburg in this case - when people came to Knust to enjoy another dark-rock Band called UNZUCHT. The audience was the same as usual, dressed in black and willing to listen to UNZUCHT and support-bands. Support on this night were: FIRSTBORN and RANDOLPH'S GRIN.

Randolph’s Grin

RANDOLPH'S GRIN began before official time of start, about 20:30 pm. Some people listened to their electronic, philosophical sex-wave music. They played songs like ‘Dragon Road’ which was really nice for an intro of this night. /

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After this: FIRSTBORN. A Swedish band with some expertise to challenge the audience of Hamburg. Their music combines elements of heavy music, pop and epic sounds which leads to diversification in the metal scene. Marcus Carlzon and band were successful on exciting people, some hands were in the air (although this was 'just' a support band in front of an challenging audience) and heads were banging. Marcus Carlzon's significant voice infiltrated ears and led people to participate more like just listening; the heavy sounds did their part in right combination and so they played songs like ‘Where Is Your Home?’, ‘Incomplete’ and ‘Birth’. They did a solid job on stage and one was more crazy about UNZUCHT and their performance on the stage. / 

Music: 7
Performance: 8
Sound: 8
Light: 7
Total: 7.5 / 10

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A little pause followed and then it was finally time for UNZUCHT! UNZUCHT are a German band; they play dark-rock since 2009 and are present on festivals like M'era Luna or Amphi Festival. They were a support band of other bands like COPPELIUS or LACRIMAS PROFUNDERE but now they grew, developed and have their own image and amazing audiences. They released three EPs since 2009 (‘Engel der Vernichtung’, ‘Deine Zeit läuft ab’, ‘Schweigen / Seelenblind’) and four albums in a pretty short time. Although their band history isn't that long, they've created their own atmosphere on gigs and fan base. The special thing about UNZUCHT is: they are down-to-earth and really authentic, exuberantly happy about the really terrific support of their fans on concerts. /


Music & Performance
After an intro they directly started with ‘Der dunkle See’ (‘Neuntöter’, 2016). The audience was very excited, people looked exalted, banged their heads a bit and used the atmosphere, which already was created by RANDOLPH'S GRIN and FIRSTBORN to level this up. ‘Lava’ followed, another song from the new album called ‘Neuntöter’ (2016). The crowd clapped, seemed to be ready for more stuff like that from the new album which is really awesome and shows a kind of amazing development of the band according to their music and performance. Then the song called like the band, ‘Unzucht’, followed. The crowd tried to move on those sounds which blasted on ears in a rousing way, intoxicating, sustained by Der Schulz' flexible voice - ranging from rock to dramatic sounds which facilitate a feeling of despair, longing for something unreachable. ‘Der Untergang’ came next and Der Schulz suddenly wore a cap which is actually his personal mark. The audience perceived this, of course, and yelled a bit louder the text of this song.


The following songs were ‘Kind von Traurigkeit’, ‘Schwarzes Blut‘ and ‘Der Letzte Tanz‘. In the performance of ‘Kind von Traurigkeit’, there was an annoying override of sound, Der Schulz' voice disappeared in those blasting sounds. During ‘Der Letzte Tanz’, they were able to get in balance with this little negative point by crowd-surfing. Der Schulz trusted his loyal fans as usual and started crowd-surfing which is typically for every stage performance of UNZUCHT. After presenting ‘Neuntöter’, also the title track of the new album, Der Schulz and band showed their authentic happiness about this night and their fans in Hamburg. Especially Der Schulz seemed to be teared up with his really big grin. ‘Schweigen’, ‘Kettenhund’ (‘Neuntöter’), ‘Seelenblind’ and ‘Ein Wort fliegt wie ein Stein’ followed and announced an end of this amazing concert. After leaving the stage and the yelling of the audience for more and returning of the band, they played songs like ‘Unendlich’ and ‘Meine Liebe’. ‘Engel der Vernichtung’, which is from the early beginning of the band, was the conclusion of this amazing night with UNZUCHT.


Every member of UNZUCHT went still one more time in front of the band to thank the audience for their wicked support. This was not enough: a Mexican wave perfected this authentic stage performance of UNZUCHT and after this, the crowd was freed of UNZUCHT's fantastic, musical claws. To conclude: Typically stage performance, authentic, exalting - hope they will come back to Hamburg some day!

01. Der dunkle See
02. Lava
03. Unzucht
04. Der Untergang
05. Deine Zeit läuft ab
06. Kind von Traurigkeit
07. Schwarzes Blut
08. Der Letzte Tanz
09. Neuntöter
10. Schweigen
11. Kettenhund
12. Seelenblind
13. Ein Wort fliegt wie ein Stein
14. Unendlich
15. Meine Liebe
16. Engel der Vernichtung

Music: 10
Performance: 10
Sound: 8
Light: 8
Total: 9 / 10

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All pictures by Mandy Privenau

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