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unzucht venusluzifer
Artist: Unzucht
Title: Venus Luzifer
Genre: Gothic, Dark Rock
Release Date: 14th November 2014
Label: No Cut

Album Review

This year seems to be full of music discoveries for me and now German rock band UNZUCHT became such a discovery. In fact it’s better to be careful judging a band by its name, videos and live shows because it’s what I personally don’t like about the formation. But despite all that UNZUCHT makes great music and the new release ‘Venus Luzifer’ is just another proof of it. In general the album is simply good and hard to be associated with any specific subgenre. It starts with a slow, moderate track where the singing reminds of Gregorian chorales but then everything is going faster and more dynamic. Attentive listeners may notice even some black metal influence like a blast beat and growl. But I would say the music is close to doom in its best traditions but not so lyrical as BESEECH, FORGIVE-ME-NOT and PARADISE LOST.

Industrial elements are woven very skilfully and they manage to add more nuances to the sound without prevailing and attracting too much attention. The vocals are expressive and rather diverse, and the melody speaks for itself. Well it feels like German (or Finnish) bands have a special ability to find proper lines and riffs which will definitely be appreciated by listeners. So ‘Venus Luzifer’ turned out to be made exactly for the season but at first it may tire a bit so it would be better to listen to it by piece. Nevertheless if you are deep into that dark aesthetics or in a suitable mood there won’t be any overdose. That’s why the album is mostly for doomsters and other fans of extreme music and of course all lovers of the dark scene.


01. Wir sind das Feuer – 6:00
02. Seelenblind – 4:26
03. Das Denkmal fällt – 4:03
04. Ikaria – 5:12
05. Nimm mich mit – 5:18
06. Unendlich – 6:08
07. Neugeboren – 4:39
08. Schweigen – 5:31
09. Leidbild – 4:18
10. Krieg – 2:43
11. Mein Grab – 5:58


Der Schulz – Vocals
De Clercq – Guitar, Electronics
Blaschke – Bass
Fuhrmann – Drums

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unzucht venusluzifer


Music: 10
Sound: 10
Total: 10 / 10

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