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monoinc03Haus Auensee, Leipzig, Germany
1st November 2014
Gothic meets Klassik Day 1 with Unzucht, Solitary Experiments, Suicide Commando, Front Line Assembly & Mono Inc.

Leipzig and Gothic meets Klassik have started a huge love story years ago. Today, I couldn’t imagine the fall without this kind of festival. Born out of an interesting idea, Gothic meets Klassik attracts a lot of fans from near and far every time. And it was like this this time too. When I showed up a lot of black dressed people where waiting in line to get inside of Haus Auensee to see their beloved favourite band(s). I have never seen such a long queue in front of Haus Auensee and I have been there a lot of times to see band performing.


Unzucht [Fee]

Opening the electro day of Gothic meets Klassik is an honour and a little curse, because you have to live with the fact that the audience might just don’t like you or is not going with you. Founded in 2009, the band around Daniel Schulz quickly became nearly as popular as LORD OF THE LOST. Due to that popularity, despite of the early hour, a good crowd gathered in front of the small stage. Waiting in line before the show, I got to know that there are lot of people only being there to see this band or MONO INC. and definitely those people crowded in front of stage. The band could maybe convince their fans and entertain them, but not me. It’s not only because I’m not really into Goth Rock music, it was more that I disliked the sound of the band. It just didn’t sound well. // / // Rating: 8 / 10


Solitary Experiments [Susann]

The band can look back on 20 years of making music together, which was celebrated on 25th October 2014 in Berlin. Starting in 1993 with an Amiga 500 and a Kawai K4 Synthesizer , Dennis Schober and Michael Thielemann firstly formed the band PLAGUE, then SOLITARY EXPERIMENTS was founded one year later. Being as amazing as in Berlin a week before, Dennis Schober, delivered some great singing. The band just works perfectly together and has a high level of entertainment when playing live. Their music was as dancy and electronic as usual. A nice mix of EBM and Synth Pop presented by band members wearing red shirts. I saw people dancing and celebrating the band as much as they did in Berlin before and I know why they did – it was nicely presented Synth Pop music. // / // Rating: 8.5 / 10


Suicide Commando [Fee]

Having played in Prague the day before, SUICIDE COMMANDO entered the stage in Leipzig not a little tired. So I could see them the third time in about one week. Sounds a little crazy, maybe it is, but this band is worth seeing them live as often as possible. It got a little tight in the front of stage area right in the moment when SOLITARY EXPERIMENTS left the stage. So I hoped for an audience being as energetic as the people in Prague the day before, but unfortunately they were not. It was a typical SUICIDE COMMANDO show, Johan got celebrated by the audience a lot. They were hungry for his music but still not as amazingly freaking out as the Czech people. “Typically German” came to my mind. People do freak out here too, but only in a really controlled way. Anyway, the band did great and even their background videos worked which was a little miracle as they did not when testing them this evening. // / // Rating: 8.5 / 10


Front Line Assembly [Fee]

The Canadian act FRONT LINE ASSEMBLY is arguably one of the most influential acts of the EBM & Industrial scene with albums like ‘Caustic Grip’ (1990) or ‘Tactical Neural Implant’ (1992) being still worshipped classics of the genre. Being somehow introduced by a Johan van Roy telling he is happy to see them here, the band started their part of the Gothic meets Klassik show. Playing in front of an already heated up audience, the band delivered a typical FLA show including interesting sounds and blue-ish and green light on stage. The older people in the audience really liked it, while I saw the younger ones leaving or just going outside to smoke. Philistines! // /‎ // Rating: 8 / 10


Mono Inc. [Fee]

To me this band is as mainstream as a Goth-Rrock band could become. Just like UNHEILIG. I have seen them before at Amphi Festival years ago and I remembered why I thought that they are boring. It’s always the same procedure with a mix of melancholic songs, guitars and the obligatory drum solo of Katha Mia, when the audience has to shout out “Hey” a few times. Nothing really special. But people like and liked it and celebrated Martin Engler as if he would be a god. Maybe I was the only one not finding him highly fascinating. To me it was too much drama in his performance and I don’t mean that typical Goth-Rock drama, but more or less the drama when he was telling how he ended up being here in a wheel chair but loving his fans so much he would play live, though. This is not cute, this is embarrassing to me if someone has to make himself interesting by emphasizing such things. It was cheesy and unnecessary, but maybe it has to be like this in the mainstream Goth-Rock world. // / // Rating: 7 / 10


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