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impression4Gewandhaus, Leipzig, Germany
2nd November 2014
Gothic meets Klassik Day 2 with Solitary Experiments, Front Line Assembly & Mono Inc.

As the electro part of this festival was finished the day before, now the classic part with the help of an Orchestra dawned. This time at Leipzig’s Gewandhaus, already a lot of well and appropriately dressed fan were waiting to see SOLITARY EXPERIMENTS, FRONTLINE ASSEMBLY and MONO INC. performing with the Orchestra from Zielona Gora ( Poland). The doors opened on time, so people could go on waiting in the foyer, have a drink or two and talk a bit till the doors opened for the show. To those who would like to get more information about the Orchestra and their director and composer Czeslaw Grabowski, should check the Gothic meets Klassik website or maybe the website of Gewandhaus Leipzig, too.


Solitary Experiments

Being in this business for more than 20 years and having played an electronic show the day before which was showing that SOLITARY EXPERIMENTS are good for a party, the band around Dennis Schober and Michael Thielemann felt really honoured to play with an orchestra. This was what an highly excited Dennis Schober told when entering the stage. You could really feel and hear how excited he was, as his voice was shaking from time to time when talking to the audience. It was only Dennis on stage, the rest of his band mates was watching him singing and Dennis did perfect. I’m not a huge SOLITARY EXPERIMENTS fan. I think, they sound nice and that their songs are nice electronic background music and though seeing them several times, I never got that “Oh my god, it’s SOLITARY EXPERIMENTS” feeling.


But this time Dennis blew me away. Really. I had goose bumps when he started singing and I wished he would have never stopped. This sounds pretty cheesy, I know. But it was like that. To me it was the best performance of the classic part of this festival. The last time I shivered in a positive way was back in 2006 when I was able to see DEPECHE MODE and my favourite singer Martin Gore for the first time. I really had to wait more than eight years to get this feeling back. In this moment I really wished Dennis Schober would never leave the stage again, but he had to. He thanked the audience and the director and left me with that thought of ‘could you please come back and go on singing’ for the rest of the evening. // / // Rating: 10 / 10


Front Line Assembly

This time no Johan van Roy showed up to introduce the EBM & Industrial band FRONTLINE ASSEMBLY. Their show was all electronic but also supported by the polish orchestra. It was a bit irritating to me and I would have liked it better if there were no or not that much electronics in their performance. I couldn’t really hear a difference to what they did the day before. I hoped for it, but it didn’t happen. Maybe this time I was philistine here. At least no one was that much impolite to leave for smoking this time, when FLA delivered a typical FLA show. I missed that goose bumps effect, I had when Dennis Schober was singing on stage. And I caught myself thinking “Could Dennis please come back again”. Impolite, I know, but SOLITARY EXPERIMENTS did a way better job at the classic part. // /‎ // Rating: 6 / 10


Mono Inc.

Oh well, MONO INC. once again. Being still disappointed and a bit angry about their show the day before, I was hoping for something better. Hoping, not expecting. I really hoped that Martin Engler would not do his “Oh my god, I’m only here for the fans, because I love you all sooooo much”- thing again. But he did. Performing in his wheel chair, the audience celebrated him once again as he would be a mix between a priest and god himself. I must admit that this was interesting to see. He really caught the audience with his voice and yeah, his voice did really well with the orchestra. Though I still find his band mainstream and his lyrics way too cheesy, I have to say that he did well in the classic part.


Up to that moment at the end of the show when Katha Mia brought him his crutches and he did the same annoying thing which he did the day before. And he got celebrated once again for this with a lot of applause by the audience. I still think, if you love your audience, you just play for them. No matter if you hurt yourself or feel sick. You just play. You don’t need to repeat all the time that you don’t feel well or had an accident. If you have to, you’re just a little attention whore. This has nothing to do with loving your fans, this is only about getting attention. // / // Rating: 7 / 10


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