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antimatterHelvete Metal Club, Oberhausen, Germany
11th November 2018
Antimatter - “Black Market Enlightenment” Tour 2018- Support: The Flaw

It is my first time in Helvete in Oberhausen. The club has the charm of a western bar, the look of a metal nightclub and the kindness of a circle of friends. The concert hall is located behind the bar in the basement and then further into an adjoining room in which one has the feeling that here would be the safest place during an air raid. In front of the stage you are greeted by the bands and the crew and receive the first impressions of an exciting evening.

The Flaw

THE FLAW from Dortmund play alternative and atmospheric Rock music with 14 years band history. After their debut EP ‘Burning Skies’ (2006), the LPs ‘Different Kinds Of Truth’ (2008), ‘All You Have’ (2011) and ‘Morgenlicht’ (2016), their upcoming album will be released next year. /

theflaw D4S0016 klein

Music & Performance
After several cameras (I think it were six) were distributed in the room and a big stir was made around the appearance, I was curious what to expect. The newly created anticipation was quickly made to niece. In my opinion, the set consisted of songs composed of phrases. The music sounded so much like EISHEILIG that it was not a surprise when the recorded voice of Dennis Mikus came through the speakers. The following ad block with the words: “this song was produced with the support of Eisheilig” then put it over the edge for me.

theflaw D4S0024 klein

However, the guitar solo was excellent and the interaction of the musicians convinced. Why this band of sympathetic people sold themselves remains a mystery to me.

01. Intro
02. Flut
03. Haltlos
04. Erleuchtet und erloschen
05. Warten auf den Sturm
06. Phoenix
07. Am Ende der Worte

Music: 5
Performance: 5
Sound: 6
Light: 2
Total: 6.5 / 10

theflaw D4S0056 klein


The creation of ANTIMATTER in 1997 is more a coincidence than a planned step. Guitarist and singer Mick Moss has collected some musical ideas at that time, all of which are very dark, melodic, but also minimalist. The same applies to former ANATHEMA bassist Duncan Patterson. So they decide to start the band ANTIMATTER together. With the current tour, the band celebrates the release of their 7th studio album, ‘Black Market Enlightenment’, which, according to mastermind Mick Moss, is the most progressive ANTIMATTER album since the band was founded 20 years ago. ANTIMATTER stands for thoughtful, melancholic music, but above all for Mick Moss’ warm and multi-faceted voice, which gives the listener goose bumps. /

antimatter D4S0130 klein

Music & Performance
The band was ready to play on stage, but guitarist Dave was missing! After an unsuccessful phone call from the stage, Ste quickly disappeared through the crowd to come back to stage with Dave. He was warmly welcomed by all and the “Dave” calls did not stop until the end of the show. Dave first poured out his plastic shopping bag on the floor and laid his paper works on the stage. A confusing order which only a professional could manage. He gave the rest of the band the okay to start while tuning his guitar. Building so much sympathy with the audience in the first two minutes of an evening is great.

antimatter D4S0062 klein

The band, consisting of Mick Moss (vocals and guitar), Dave Hall (guitar), Ste Hughes (bass) and Fab Regmann (drums), immediately convinced everyone. The charismatic voice of Mick and the energetic play of the rest of the band enchanted the listener. There are only happy people in the hall who are listening, dancing and shouting how great ANTIMATTER are. The created mood convinces with melancholy and quieter passages with long tones. A heartfelt heaviness fills the room and only when the last note has subsided the applause explodes. Emotions are freed and processed here in a very grand style. The “saddest band in the world” takes you into a dream world and the pensive passages are interrupted with hard riffs. This leads to an independent world in which the Black Market and the Enlightenment find together. An unforgettable evening and a band recommendation for all who are not afraid of enthusiasm.

antimatter D4S0070 klein

PS: Dear “lighting technician”, to turn off the lights when a band enters the stage is shit! I stood in the front row and I literally could only guess the musicians in the dark with far too much fog, especially when it comes to the drummer...

01. The Third Arm
02. Stillborn Empires
03. Can Of Worms
04. Partners In Crime
05. Black Eyed Man
06. The Last Laugh
07. Monochrome
08. Paranova
09. Wish I Was Here
10. Integrity
11. Between The Atoms
12. Wide Awake In The Concrete Asylum
13. Welcome To The Machine
14. Redemption
15. Leaving Eden

Music: 9
Performance: 8
Sound: 7
Light: 2
Total: 7.3 / 10

antimatter D4S0105 klein

All pictures by Daniela Vorndran ( /

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