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unzucht schweigen seelenblind
Artist: Unzucht
Title: Schweigen / Seelenblind
Genre: Gothic / Dark Rock
Release Date: 21st August 2015
Label: No Cut

Album Review

UNZUCHT defined a new band standard with their latest album ‘Venus Luzifer’ and the expectations of the new album where big. They definitely didn’t disappoint at any point! The EP shows that UNZUCHT has plenty of songs ready for us and that they will supply us with good dark rock music for the coming time. There are two songs from the album ‘Venus Luzifer’, which are beloved by the fans and an essential part of their live shows. Furthermore, UNZUCHT put two additional songs on the CD: ‘Dialekt des Schreckens’ and ‘Ein letzter Gedanke’. The two songs are a perfect completion of the EP with the used hard guitar riffs and the strong voice of der Schulz. The new songs are a good mix between rocky, fast, but even soft and slower.

UNZUCHT manages it to combine all those aspects in just two new songs and it’s harmonious. The remixes are characterized by the ‘Venus Luzifer’ tour. The first remix in an 80’s gothic style is made by DEATH VALLEY HIGH, a supporter of the first part of the tour. The newcomer ERDLING and supporter of the second part of the tour interpreted a new and rocky version of ‘Neugeboren’. The third remix is an old-school industrial version and the fourth is completely electronic. This shows that UNZUCHT can easily be in other genres, still sounds great and the music is danceable.


01. Schweigen
02. Seelenblind
03. Die Dialektik des Schreckens
04. Ein letzter Gedanke
05. Seelenblind (Death Valley High Remix)
06. Neugeboren (Erdling Remix)
07. Schweigen (Bells Into Machines Remix)
08. Das Denkmal fällt (Roboz Remix)


Der Schulz – Vocals
De Clercq – Guitar, Electronics
Blaschke – Bass
Fuhrmann – Drums

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unzucht schweigen seelenblind


Music: 8
Sound: 8
Total: 8 / 10

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