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nerdschool readysetgo
Artist: Nerd School
Title: Ready Set Go!
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 18th May 2012
Label: POTTpeople

Album Review

“Those who need to pigeonhole NERD SCHOOL, imagine this: »Danko Jones is sitting in a bar with Page Hamilton, Dave Grohl and Biff Malibu. While Jimi Hendrix is mixing the Drinks and Henry Rollins is spinning Refused for the third time, the Beastie Boys come by to sell roses. King Buzzo returns from peeing, standing a round!« Got it?”

2009, NERD SCHOOL made their first appearance (at that time as MetalMessiahsMitte) with distributing a promo CD during a BEATSTEAKS concert. Soon they made a name for themselves, although the band members were unknown, so that within month they became an aspirant for Rock am Ring stage appearance. Encouraged by this occurrence, Crow and Gyllenhaal revealed the secret of the band members and continued their musical career with their new name NERD SCHOOL. Playing live in 2010 and 2011, NERD SCHOOL succeeded in gaining fans and their Label POTTpeople noticed this ambitious guys playing unorthodox and fresh music.

In fact, while listening to their release, one gets the imagination that there has to be more than these two guys playing such songs. Just impossible to pigeonhole the style, NERD SCHOOL impresses with diversity and variety. It’s that kind of freshness within all of the “commercial” genres that they’re honestly lacking. ‘Ready set go!’ is a smack right in your face. No doubt, that this music will work on festivals as well as in clubs. By the way, should be interesting to watch a show in order to get an impression how two guys are capable of playing technical challenging songs that sound like “straight and proper”

Hooray for the Nerdies…! Ready…set…buy!!!


01. Do I Have A Witness
02. Astronaut
03. Whooo?
04. The Bomb
05. Soulwax
06. Flames Burn
07. Frog In A Blender
08. I Love You
09. Down Where The Devil Goes
10. Velvet Chair
11. My Prison Door
12. The Shearer


Tom Castro Molina Crowe – vocals, guitars
Lars Derrenger Gyllenhaal – drums, vocals

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Cover Picture

nerdschool readysetgo


Music: 9
Sound: 10
Extras: -
Total: 9.5 / 10

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