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devilsheaven heavenonearth
Artist: Devil’s Heaven
Title: Heaven On Earth
Genre: Hard Rock
Release Date: 25th February 2014
Label: Helldiver Records

Album Review

DEVIL`S HEAVEN is a hard rock band from the Malmö region in Sweden. The exact date the band has been formed seems nowhere to be found (they are on Facebook since the 18th of January 2014, that much is clear). The band is consisting of a mixture of pro and semi-pro musicians and is playing hard rock that sounds very 80s influenced (and yes they have a keyboarder). The songs are quite catchy but sometimes a bit cheesy as well.

Marcus Nygren`s voice is very powerful and sometimes remind me a bit of SKID ROW`s Sebastian Bach and at times I think I can hear the impact of singers like Davis Coverdale of WHITESNAKE. The band even has a video for the single ‘Demerital Action’ and yes the song is worthy of a video. The song ‘Touched by an Angel’ is also very memorable and could be a hit (radio? video? I don`t care). Considering that this is the band’s debut album this is a very good start. So if you are like me, a fan of old-school hard rock, give DEVIL`S HEAVEN a chance and take a listen.


01. Welcome II The Show
02. Demerital Action
03. Devil Woman
04. Touched By An Angel
05. Mean Street City
06. Day Of Doom
07. Riders In The Sky
08. Let It All Hang Out
09. Festung Europa
10. Cold
11. Stillborn
12. Hot Sex
13. Wine Me


Marcus Nygren – vocals
Jonas Reingold – bass
Richard Andersson – keyboards
Jake Sandberg – guitar
Jaime Salazar – drums
Michael Månsson – guitars

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Cover Picture

devilsheaven heavenonearth


Music: 7
Sound: 7
Total: 7 / 10

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