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canterra firstescape
Artist: Canterra
Title: First Escape
Genre: Metal / Rock
Release Date: 19th February 2016
Label: Kick the Flame / Broken Silence

Album Review

It’s great that female-fronted symphonic metal bands are still in demand and always attract a lot of fans, despite 20 years of different experiments in this genre. It is hard to invent something completely new, but German band CANTERRA has no intention of the kind. The brand-new album of the formation will please all lovers of such metal.

One will find refined melodies, skilful performance, beautiful vocals and very rich guitar riffs, yet it’s hard to call the music “super heavy”, the arrangements are not overloaded. The voice doesn’t contrast with the instrumental part, but complement it, although it’s more typical for vocals which are not so expressive. Korinna’s voice definitely deserves to be on the foreground instead of being lost as a wind or an echo behind solid walls of the brutal sound. Of course, there is growling, a mesmerizing whisper and some acoustic guitar, the lyrics in English and the only missing thing is stronger emotions for several musical pieces.

Melodies may seem to sound a little bit torn from time to time, but anyway they are catchy. Numerous ballads which are not limited with a typical set of instruments and a final song in German produce a good impression. In general everything is quite ok and taking into consideration that ‘First Escape’ is only the second album of CANTERRA, all the shortcomings are not so serious and of course, the band will find their audience.


01. Child of Destiny – 4:27
02. Hurt – 4:48
03. Come with Me – 4:56
04. My Heart – 5:29
05. Broken – 7:50
06. The Hunt – 3:12
07. Safe My Life – 6:49
08. White Lies – 5:05
09. My Agony – 4:51
10. Escape – 3:46
11. Footprints – 8:15
12. Einziger Erbe – 4:44


Korinna – Vocals
Harry – Lead Guitar
Hannes – 2nd Guitar
Tom – Bass
Max – Drums

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Cover Picture

canterra firstescape


Music: 8
Sound: 8
Total: 8 / 10

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