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assassinsblade gatherdarkness
Artist: Assassin’s Blade
Title: Gather Darkness
Genre: Heavy Metal / Speed Metal
Release Date: 18th October 2019
Label: Pure Steel Records

Album Review

Buenas Noches Amigos! Tonight we will take our time to talk about Canada’s ASSASSIN’S BLADE. ‘Gather Darkness’ is the second output of this Swedish/ Canadian five-piece with former EXCITER vocalist Jacques Bélanger. The band was formed in 2014 by Peter and David who had already written material they did not want to go to waste. The two were quickly sure they had the right man for the job behind the microphone and the decision to ask Jacques was dead right. He joined Peter and David in Sweden in 2015 to record vocal tracks to six songs and after his return to Canada he hooked up with Manfred Leidecker to record five more songs for ASSASSIN’S BLADE debut, ‘Agents of Mystification’, which was released in 2016.

There has to be something special in Canadian nutrition... Bélanger’s voice is incredibly variable and reminds me of MANOWAR’s Eric Adams, IRON MAIDEN’s Bruce Dickinson and even JUDAS PRIEST’s Rob Halford (amazing vocalists to be compared to and well deserved). ‘Call of the Watch’ is a high-octane bastard of Traditional and Speed Metal, catchy as fuck just like the title track ‘Gather, Darkness’ and the rest of the material is of no lesser quality. What I think is quite nice about this record is that there is no slouch no matter which song you choose just to check the band out. After listening to this quite a while I will have to check out EXCITER because they flew under my radar until recently and now I have to catch up with all these journalists and members of the elite in order to not lose my street cred...


01. Tempt Not (The Blade of the Assassin)
02. Call of the Watch
03. Gather, Darkness
04. The City that waits
05. Dream Savant
06. Gods
07. The Ghost of Orion
08. The Thaumaturge
09. I, of the Storm
10. Soil of the Dead


Jacques Bélanger - lead and backing vocals
David Stranderud - lead and rhythm guitars
Bruno Buneck - lead and rhythm guitars
Peter Svensson - bass guitar and backing vocals
Marcus Rosenkvist - drums and backing vocals

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assassinsblade gatherdarkness


Music: 9
Sound: 9
Total: 9 / 10

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