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cardinalsfolly defyingtherighteousways
Artist: Cardinals Folly
Title: Defying The Righteous Way
Genre: Doom Metal
Release Date: 6th March 2020
Label: Rafchild Records

Album Review

Tervetuloa ystävä / welcome friends! Today I present you CARDINALS FOLLY from Helsinki, Finland. Let’s cite Rafchild’s press text first: “Helsinki’s ‘Deranged Pagan Sons’ strike back with their fifth studio album ‘Defying The Righteous Way’, out March 6th 2020 on LP and CD
through Germany’s Rafchild Records. The trio of singer bassist Mikko Kääriäinen, guitarist Juho Kilpelä and drummer Joni Takkunen has carved a niche for itself within not only the thriving Finnish Doom scene but also worldwide, delivering uncompromising rough Doom Metal with elements of Heavy Metal, Black Metal and Punk and spreading this explosive mix with unforgettable live performances all over the world.

After their critically acclaimed last album ‘Deranged Pagan Sons’ the band has now collected seven new songs that bring you Doom Metal with occult and obscure lyrics, performed with Punk’s rawness, Black Metal’s harshness and tasty riffs that harken back to the glory days of Heavy Metal. ‘Defying The Righteous Way’ will be out this March, coinciding with a short jaunt through Germany together with fellow doomsters LORD VICAR.”

The first thing for me to say is: Yes it I music for a special Doom niche, it is not as epic as CANDLEMASS or as melodic as SORCERER but it is an occult experience and it reminds me of MANILLA ROAD (because of its oddity) and LORD VICAR (the classic approach to Doom). The only thing you either love or hate is Count Karnstein’s voice; it is rather atypical as it works best when he growls. ‘Defying the Righteous Way’ is the band’s fifth full-length record since their formation in 2005. I am looking forward to the tour.


01. Stars Align Again
02. Deranging The Priest
03. Witchfinders
04. The Great Santur
05. The Living Dead
06. Ultra-Violence
07. Last House On The Left
08. Strange Conflict


Count Karnstein – Bass, Vocals
Nordic Wrath – Guitars
Battle Ram – Drums

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Cover Picture

cardinalsfolly defyingtherighteousways


Music: 6
Sound: 6
Total: 6 / 10

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