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brimstonecoven thewoesofmortalearth
Artist: Brimstone Coven
Title: The Woes Of Mortal Earth
Genre: Dark Occult Rock
Release Date: 21st August 2020
Label: Ripple Music

Album Review

Good evening my fellow readers, head-bangers and Doom loving folks! In regard to my last reviews I have to say the end of July was a Doom dominated time musically and I loved it. Very soon this little gem will be ready for the taking (buying, collecting and of course listening). BRIMSTONE COVEN is a Dark Occult Rock band from eastern Ohio that was formed in 2011 and ‘The Woes Of Mortal Earth’ is their fourth output to date. It is clear that these guys are fans of both PENTAGRAM and BLACK SABBATH because sound-wise they don’t try to hide that fact at all (not a bit). Corey Roth and Andrew D’Cagna share vocal duties on this (which is cool because bass-man D’Cagna is kick-ass vocalist). The new album is indeed a quite dark experience sound-wise with its sluggish and heavy riffs and the overall down tuned guitar-sound. ‘Song Of Whippoorville’ is a brilliant example for this dark and very atmospheric narrative, the riffs are lead-heavy the pace is painfully slow as if the song itself is stumbling and tripping, trying to trudge itself to a solitary place to die in piece. If you dig music that is a bit more on the dark and depressive side of Rock you should check this out immediately after release.


01. The Inferno
02. When The World Is Gone
03. Live With A Ghost
04. The Darker Half
05. Secrets Of The Earth
06. Song of Whippoorville


Corey Roth - Guitar & Vocals
Andrew D’Cagna - Bass & Vocals
Dave Trik - Drums

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Cover Picture

brimstonecoven thewoesofmortalearth


Music: 8
Sound: 8
Total: 8 / 10

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