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Artist: Doctor Midnight and the Mercy Cult
Title: I Declare: Treason
Genre: Metal / Rock
Release Date: 6th June 2011
Label: Seasons of Mist

Album Review

Great things already cast their shadows ahead… after Hank von Helvete abruptly and quietly quit the death punk band TURBONEGRO in 2010, fans were astonished and aghast. Even more astonishing is that now in 2011, he’s back with a new project. As if this wasn’t enough his fellows bear famous names: Tim Skold (bassist of both MARYLIN MANSON and KMFDM), Anders Odden (guitarist from SATYRICON and ELTIC FROST), Audun Stengel (APOTYGMA BERZERK) and drummer David Husvik (EXTOL).

Sounds very promising indeed, but is the celebrity state a guarantee for a sensational album? Well, it’s not that easy… of course, ‘I Declare: Treason’ is a collaboration of five awesome musicians and most of the songs proof that without a doubt. Right from the beginning the tracks dash forward, the sound is filthy and rough and combines the best of all represented genres. Stamping rock and dynamic riffs alternate with Rock’n’Roll with slightly industrial influences. Although DMTMC is capable to create incredible songs with great hook lines and melodious parts in the course of the release there are a few songs that are weakening. But finally DMTMC get their act together and crown their opus with a real blast.

It’s obvious, that this “Supergroup” enjoys playing solid piece of music in order to entertain their audience. Well, let’s hope that the fans of all the band are tolerant and supportive. Sometimes that’s the hardest part in business: convincing that something new is something good... no doubt at all, that DMTC are going to fulfil this promise. All in all, ‘I Declare: Treason’ is more than just a solid album… it’s superior with some blemish, but I’m pretty sure that this will not derogate the joy over this release. Therefore I Declare: Treasure!!!


01. You Are God – Intro
02. Sign My Name
03. I Declare: Treason
04. Bleed Idiot Bleed
05. (Don't) Waste It
06. Blame Is The Game
07. OK (We're Just About To Die)
08. Misconception
09. Glory (Throw The Axe)
10. Revenge
11. Victorious
12. Fools Gold (Bonus Track Digipak)
13. The Whore In The West (Bonus Track Digipak)


Hans-Erik Dyvik Husby (aka Hank von Hell) - Vocals
Tim Skold - Bass
Anders Odden - Guitar
Audun Stengel - Guitar
David Husvik - Drums

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Music: 8
Sound: 10
Extras: -
Total: 9 / 10

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