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naturaest st
Artist: Natura Est
Title: Natura Est
Genre: Dark Ambient
Release Date: 13th April 2018
Label: Ant-Zen

Album Review

NATURA EST is the unexpected result of two seemingly disparate worlds colliding. One is that of Tony Young, the man behind the AUTOCLAV1.1 and the other, and much more surprising to me, is Andreas Davids, best known for the noise driven XOTOX. The result is nothing less than genuine Dark Ambient which also mandates that you will have to give it time to unfold. The journey begins where all things begin at ‘The Root’, which is, I can assure you, the calmest of the assorted pieces. It’s breathing an air of serenity and sparks a feeling of calmness spreading out through your body as the soundscapes minute changes become clearer to your mind. ‘The Soil’ takes things up quite a few notches, not in terms of pacing, though. Remember: Dark Ambient. The sheer intensity of the atmosphere, the threads of harrowing emotions woven into it and the constant feeling of chaos being hardly kept at bay create a complete immersion that never breaks.

With the next piece we’re raising our heads up into the ‘Grey Skies’, where the impending doom gets all the more visible to the naked eye. Listening to it, one gets the feeling of the world coming to an end now for real. The boundaries that have controlled the chaos up until now have vanished and everything is close to falling apart. On our way to find at least some place we can feel safe at in this nightmare of a world, we’re crossing the limits to the ‘Black Town’ and we instantly regret setting foot here. Even though it is obviously deserted for decades, something is still lurking in its shadows, watching us...waiting for the split second we let down our guard. This is indeed one nasty piece of music and it makes me uncomfortable listening to it and I'm sure it is intended that way. ‘Causatum’ does not walk the same path and as its Latin title implies provides us with a revelation, a glimpse of what caused all the havoc we experienced lately, albeit in our heads. Seeing as it is something feeding on your own emotions towards this record, it can practically take on any form

I will be honest with you, I had my fair share of doubts towards another Dark Ambient record, since as far as that genre is concerned, you need a sure instinct and have to be clear where you’re going to go with it. Otherwise, things can go sideways pretty fast- Luckily, no such thing happens here on ‘Natura Est’. Every track has a clear motif, they’re following and the tools were chosen accordingly, so that at now point the immersion can be broken. I am very happy with the duo’s first collection of songs and suggest you give them a thorough listen


01. The Root
02. The Soil
03. Grey Skies
04. Black Town
05. Causatum


Tony Young
Andreas Davids

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naturaest st


Music: 9
Sound: 9
Total: 9 / 10

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