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ninthcircle echoblack
Artist: Ninth Circle
Title: Echo Black
Genre: US Metal
Release Date: 26th June 2020
Label: Pure Underground Records

Album Review

As you all know (because I repeatedly mention it) I was on hiatus for over two years and even then never worked as much as I do at the moment, because of that and uncounted other reasons I never became aware of NINTH CIRCLE but today seems to be my lucky day as I am able to give those guys a whole lot of attention. ‘Echo Black’ is the bands fourth full-length record and it totally rips! But I am getting ahead of myself and my normal modus operandi... so let us check the press text first:

“NINTH CIRCLE is back! The compositions on the new album ‘Echo Black’ are catchier than ever before. You will find influences from the who is who of melodic Metal but NINTH CIRCLE combines them for a unique sound of their own. It doesn’t matter if you prefer NWoBHM, US Metal, or Euro-Metal, NINTH CIRCLE includes several styles in their totally convincing new material! Sometimes epic, sometimes powerful, but heard once you won’t get the songs out of your mind! The songs are diverse with a powerful production. What more do you need? It’s just wonderful!”

Well, yes! The material is very diverse and features the best of every presented style, most of the time in a unique style I have not heard a million times before. The only thing that that reminds me of any other band is Dennis Brown’s voice because it reminds me of MEGA COLOSSUS’ Sean Buchanan (which is great because I fucking love MEGA COLOSSUS). The song ‘Dance of Swords’ is the one that reminds me the most of MEGA COLOSSUS, ‘Then & There’ and ‘Tokyo Nights’ are the wet dream of every AOR afficionado and ‘Warrior’ is a RIOT cover featuring Todd Michael Hall the man with the golden pipes!

That was only a selection of good songs as I really love almost everything about it (‘Echo Black’, ‘Forever More’). The overall style and execution are solid as a rock. Dennis Brown on vocal and riff / hook / shred duty is the MVP in my book but Richie Brooks (drums) and Frank Forray (bass) on rhythm section are the ones that make most of that possible with the frame he needs to work his melodic magic. This is a very fine piece of music and you, dear reader, should check it out as soon as possible.


01. Dance Of Swords
02. The Angel’s Share
03. Echo Black
04. Forever More
05. Tokyo Nights
06. Prelude To Glory
07. Shadow Of Giants
08. Return Of The King
09. Riding The Storm
10. Then & There
11. Natural High
12. When The Sun Goes Down (Bonus track)
13. Warrior (RIOT Cover)


Dennis Brown – vocals, guitars
Frank Forray – bass
Richie “Captain Black” Brooks – drums

Special guests:
Jeff Prentice – keyboards, string arrangements; outro guitar solo on ‘Warrior’
Todd Michael Hall – vocals on ‘Warrior’
Mike Flyntz – guitar solo on ‘Warrior’
Frank Gilchriest – drums on ‘Forever More’

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ninthcircle echoblack


Music: 9
Sound: 9
Total: 9 / 10

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