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peopletheatre acteI dareatdawn
Artist: People Theatre
Title: Acte I - Dare At Dawn
Genre: Synth Pop
Release Date: 16th December 2015
Label: GOM Productions / Foundry Records

Album Review

If there is one artist in the synth pop / future pop / EBM scene whose first personal production was eagerly awaited, it is PEOPLE THEATRE. Over the last 15 years, Peter Rainman – the man behind the band name – was worked with probably everybody in this scene, wherever as a producer, mixer, remixer... Judge by yourself: IAMX, NITZER EBB, !DISTAIN, PARRALOX, FORETASTE (and basically almost all the Boredom Productions acts), YA ATLOV, OSAAC JUNKIE, SPREADING POINT... And not only he produces, he is also a key band member of WAITING FOR WORDS and BLACK EGG. But it's not an easy task to come out and release your own stuff after having helped the others for more than a decade.

Surprisingly, this is a very intimate EP we have here, whereas I'm sure a lot were expecting a very club oriented production. Of course, ‘Better’, ‘Runaway’ (with its FRANKIE GOES TO HOLLYWOOD ‘Relax’ intro mood) or ‘Maybe’ will have you easily jump to the dance floor, but the overall feeling is very melancholic. The first single, ‘Again’, was already known by a lot of fans as it's a duet with the friends of WAITING FOR WORDS they performed many times live together and that appeared on the CD/DVD ‘Waiting For Words Live in Paris, Vol 1’. Soe's voice blends perfectly with Peter's and it has a real commercial potential. But tracks like ‘A Doubt In The Dark’ (very MOBY-esque), ‘Eclipse’ or ‘Overture’ (Part 1 AND 2) show also a fragility and an emotion that balance perfectly with the BPM's.

This debut release is a real smash and I strongly encourage you having a full listen to it. A “must have” for all synth pop / EBM / Electronic lovers


01. Overture Part 1
02. Maybe
03. Again (feat. Waiting For Words)
04. Runaway
05. A Doubt In The Dark (Don't Go)
06. Better
07. Eclipse
08. Ouverture Part 2


Peter Rainman: All instruments and vocals


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peopletheatre acteI dareatdawn


Music: 9
Sound: 9
Total: 9 / 10

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