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shirleyholmes diekronederschoepfung
Artist: Shirley Holmes
Title: Die Krone Der Schöpfung
Genre: Punk
Release Date: 24th April 2020
Label: Rookie Records

Album Review

SHIRLEY HOLMES is two girls and one guy from Berlin: Mel on guitar and vocals, Miss Ziggy on bass and vocals and Chris on drums. Their new album, ‘Die Krone der Schöpfung’, is a wild ride through punkish music and attitude. Frenetic guitar sounds meet raw energetic music and melodies. For their new album they have signed with Rookie Records, home label of bands like PASCOW or LOVE A. The album was recorded by Sylvia Massy, who also worked on TOOL’s ‘Undertow’ as well as on the Rick Rubin albums of JOHNNY CASH, SYSTEM OF A DOWN and the RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS.

There is a lot of power in ‘Die Krone der Schöpfung’ which can already be heard in the first single ‘Binichbinichbinich’, a song that lets the band enter into your world by kicking down the front door of your house. There is the cover of ‘Der Alte Krieg’, originally by the songwriters Gerd Semmer and Dieter Süverkrüp, in which the Punk-pirates of SHIRLEY HOLMES reinterpret the still up-to-date message in their own way. The hymn ‘Wolf von Brandenburg’ is an improvised fairy tale from the band’s rehearsals - “The wolf should contact me sometime”, they sing. Yes, he should. Another surprise is the song ‘Konzoom’, sung in English and sounding like Neue Deutsche Welle.

There is a variety of styles and a lot of fun and energy in ten songs. The album demonstrates what you probably have to expect in a SHIRLEY HOLMES live concert. Their raw sound and down-to-earth attitude already filled intimate clubs as well as big festival stages. They rightly supported punk legends like SLIME and ABWÄRTS. The music and the band have been described in various adjectives: wild, clever, funny, cool, charming, cunning, ambiguous, impulsive and non-conformist - you can say anything. Listen to them! And check them out when they can play again live!


01. Binichbinichbinich
02. Das Licht
03. Auszeit
04. Der Alte Krieg
05. Wieder sehen
06. Wolf von Brandenburg
07. Schallfront, Baby
08. Oh oh
09. Konzoom
10. Geleitete Meditation


Mel - Guitars and vocals
Miss Ziggy - Bass and vocals
Chris - Drums

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Cover Picture

shirleyholmes diekronederschoepfung


Music: 7
Sound: 7
Total: 7 / 10

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