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possessedsteel aedris
Artist: Possessed Steel
Title: Aedris
Genre: Epic Metal
Release Date: 23rd November 2020
Label: self-released

Album Review

Ah... Canada, there is always a feel of sheer epicness in the air when the call hails from the snowy landscapes of Canada. POSSESSED STEEL from Toronto, Canada are the epitome of everything that is holy to us Headbanger, us Metalheads and connoisseurs of high fantasy, ale and broads in chain mail. Songs like ‘Spellblade’ and ‘Forest of the Dead’ are rather different parts of an epic narrative than mere songs played by a “band”, when Talon Sullivan (vocals) and his party of four begin their quest there is no holding back any more. Talon sings, whispers and growls while embodying different moods and telling different tales. My faves are ‘Spellblade’, ‘Assault on the Twilight Keep’ and ‘Free at Last’ because Talon sings clean and epic in these, total bangers in my book (theatrical high fantasy epics). Other remarkable songs are: ‘Bogs of Agathon’ and ‘Skeleton King’ both are more on the mid-tempo side of Heavy Metal but great tunes nonetheless. One of the really awesome things of this records and POSSESSED STEEL is that Bachinski on bass is not just always audible he is even showcased a bit from time to time. The riffs are solid as steel, the drums are excellently played and precise as a clockwork and the overall compositions are upon the best, I heard in 2020. If you are into high fantasy and epic metal you should throw your money at the guys of POSSESSED STEEL right now!


01. The Dreamer
02. Spellblade
03. Keeper of the Woods
04. Forest of the Dead
05. Frost Lich
06. Assault on the Twilight Keep
07. Free at Last
08. Bogs of Agathon
09. Skeleton King
10. Nobunaga


Don Bachinski - Bass
Talon Sullivan - Vocals, Guitars
Richard Rizzo - Drums
Steve Mac - Guitars

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Cover Picture

possessedsteel aedris


Music: 9
Sound: 9
Total: 9 / 10

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