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TwelveFootNinja12zakk, Düsseldorf, Germany
17th June 2019
Twelve Foot Ninja - “Upload Tour” 2019

The heavy fusion overlords TWELVE FOOT NINJA were coming back to the place where it all began in Germany. In 2017, the Australian band blew everyone away when they played their sold out show at Zakk. This summer they were coming back, bringing some new music with them.

The band took the international heavy music scene by surprise with their debut album, ‘Silent Machine’ in 2012, won “Best New Talent” in the US. Four years later they released their sophomore record ‘Outlier’ which earned them an ARIA nom in their home country. Meanwhile, the video for their single ‘One Hand Killing’ has racked up over more than 5.2 million views on YouTube. The Aussies have only planned a very short German leg for their “Upload” tour, as Düsseldorf was the only stop. Nevertheless, the gig was sold-out, even though it was only in the small zakk Club hall, which holds around 200 people. Generally speaking, life threw the band some curveballs during this tour. Two weeks ago, their bass player Damon called it quits and left the band. And for their Download festival set, due to technical difficulties out of everybody’s hands they were able to play only three tracks, for which they nevertheless received rave reviews. /


Music & Performance
Shortly before half past 8pm, the 200 people reluctantly left the sun and squeezed into the hot and full club. To a very dissonant Richard Wagner intro (I believe it was kind of the same one DIE ÄRZTE used during their gig this year at Rock am Ring / Rock im Park), the remaining four band members walked on stage, and started their set with ‘Sick’ from their second album to get the party started. And boy it did. Among the 200 guests were a lot of loyal aficionados, who really showed TWELVE FOOT NINJA their affection, sang along to their songs and partied accordingly. The only negative consequence was that it became incredibly hot and sweaty inside the club. In terms of music, the band delivered an outstanding set. The loss of the bass player was compensated by using recorded tracks, and singer Kin developed a very impressive stage presence, making this band the perfect combination of Mike Patton with MESHUGGAH. With ridiculous ease, the band combined exotic music influences, such as Ska, Reggae, Blues and Bossa Nova with their trademark heavy riffing, making them very entertaining to watch also for first time viewers, who were very likely turned into fans.


Unfortunately, the gig ended after roughly 60 minutes, even though the fans kept clamoring for ‘one more song’. But to no avail, TWELVE FOOT NINJA called it a day, and the crowd spilled out on the street into the warm summer night.

01. Sick
02. Coming For You
03. Collateral
04. Oxygen
05. Over And Out
06. Deluge
07. Point of You
08. Dig for Bones
09. Shuriken
10. The Long Way Home
11. Mother Sky
12. Invincible
13. One Hand Killing

Music: 8
Performance: 7
Sound: 8
Light: 7
Total: 7.5 / 10

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  • TwelveFootNinja02
  • TwelveFootNinja03
  • TwelveFootNinja04
  • TwelveFootNinja05
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  • TwelveFootNinja07
  • TwelveFootNinja08
  • TwelveFootNinja09
  • TwelveFootNinja10

All Pictures by Andreas Klüppelberg

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