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Dear SUMMER BREEZE Community!

SUMMER BREZE 2006 has just passed by and we already started working on organizing 2007. August 16th until the 18th 2007 sees the 10th anniversary issue of SUMMER BREEZE which takes place in Dinkelsbuehl for the second time. As we have big plans for this special event we decided to move it a bit earlier than usually. And also our homepage has got a new face. Shortly we will present the new mask which is being worked already.

To guide the anniversary we will not only serve you with a special supporting programme but also with a one-of-a-kind billing. Half of it is supposed to be a best of programme of the past nine years. And you are the ones to decide. So check our homepage which gives you chance to vote for your favourite 5 Bands of the past and the favourite 5 which you would like to see for the first time. Everybody participating has the chance to win 2006 T-shirts, girlies and longsleeves, 10 of each.

Ticket pre sales starting today and it pays to be one of the first to get one. As you may or may not know there will be a 3% tax increase starting January, 1st 2007 all of us will suffer from. Therefore we will need to increase the ticket price to 60,-€. But this price contains camping and parking. So one price for everything. And further to that to ease up the pain a bit we will be trying to give a bigger value for money. All in all the price will remain more or less compared to what you will be given for your cash.

The early bird catches the worm! The first 1.000 tickets can only be ordered via our online shop for 55,-€ instead of 60,-€ for any order beyond. In addition to that these 1.000 orders will come with a limited REHvolution T-Shirt (check the online shop). And as if that wasn't enough each order placed until December, 6th not exceeding 1.000 tickets has the chance to buy SUMMER BREEZE 2006 merchandise with a 50% discount. Money has to be on our accounts within 8 days after placing the order. Otherwise we will have to cancel the order. So be quick or be dead!

Despite that we are working on improving the logistical situation on the festival and camping site. The signs leading to the festival will be clearer and easier to see. The light situation is being worked on, too. The shuttle between Dinkelsbuehl and the festival area will be servicing way more often. The water problem is another thing we bear in mind. Problem is there is no regular water tubes so it will take a bit of time to solve that. But if everyone keeps an eye on the tanks and makes sure the drafts will be closed again after using, then we will have made a start definitely. Wouldn't it be boring if we had nothing to complain about?

Also in 2007 we will have a strict glass prohibition. It worked k for the first time this year. But the experience we made enables us to do even better next year.

The annual Christmas calendar on our website will be started again on December, 1st. But as this year everything is different we might be able to announce the first highlights even sooner.

Truly yours
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Source: Newsletter

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