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LEAVES’ EYES are still on their North American tour. Singer Alex Krull:`The shows have been great so far. Even if we felt the long breath of the summer festival tours on a few shows only, every concert was awesome! There were about 1000 fans celebrating in New York and we are looking forward to be there soon again. The American audience is just incredible and this tour will be another unforgettable great experience for us. We are currently on the way to California, the phantastic shows in Canada are already behind us. A big thank you to all our Canadian fans, you are just unbelievable!!

Now we are looking forward to the next shows in the US.’ One major single flaw is the fact that some parts of the equipment got lost during the flight to the US and it took the flight company another two weeks to deliver them. Guitarist Thorsten Bauer adds:’It’s really sad and totally unacceptable how the airlines are treating us. And it’s not just the fact that our equipment was lost for this long period, there was simply nobody who took care of it. Without constant pressure and hundreds of dollars spent on phone calls we would be still without our equipment. Besides, several things got damaged which is simply a scandal!! We definitely gonna sue those people responsible for that! Since the beginning of the tour we have been forced to improvise every night and fortunately Kamelot has been giving us some help in lending us some of their gear! Thus a very big thank you to our friends from Kamelot!’

Source: Newsletter

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