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alunah awakeningtheforest
Artist: Alunah
Title:  Awakening The Forest
Genre: Doom Psychedelia
Release Date: 6th October 2014
Label: Napalm Records

Album Review

ALUNAH come from the UK, they call their music as Doom Psychedelia as they’d like to be seen playing their own field, their sonic synthesis consists except of the two obvious strands of classic Heavy Rock as well. And with their third album ‘Awakening The Forest’ arriving - I’d detect a whiff of BLACK SABBATH when they paid homage to the Gods of Blues Rock. However it manages not to sound too retro in that influence or too aping.

The lower-registers of Doomy grooves are perfect with a darkly rich female vocal of Soph Day, which may suggest that even in live she’s a great front woman. The psychedelic elements are more than likely due to some Wiccan-orientated outlook within song-titles, lyrics and some promo photos put out, matching also forest theme. I can’t say natural settings come to my mind when I’d think of a Birmingham band, it’d be more post-industrial busy hubbub mental picture, but hey, everyone needs an escape, right? And as an escape from reality it’s a great trip, a really good album.


01. Bricket Wood Coven
02. Heavy Bough
03. Awakening The Forest
04. The Mask of Herne
05. Scourge And The Kiss
06. The Summerland


Soph Day - Vocals & Guitar
Dave Day - Guitar
Dan Burchmore - Bass
Jake Mason - Drums

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Cover Picture

alunah awakeningtheforest


Music: 7.5
Sound: 8
Total: 7.75 / 10

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