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dailyplanet two
Artist: Daily Planet
Title: Two
Genre: Synth Pop
Release Date: 5th September 2014
Label: Progress Productions

Album Review

Today there are a lot of bands who still try to become the new DEPECHE MODE. Some of them went further and found their original sound, the others make feel only pity for them. DAILY PLANET released their first album back in 1996. Eighteen years later the duo met again. To do what? Right, to recollect all the 80s nostalgia and release another standard synth pop album à la DEPECHE MODE. The guys haven’t met for eighteen years to do music. There should be a reason for this. They had nothing to say and to play for almost two decades. And it should have been so. In general the material has quality and its charm.

The tunes are as naïve and pure as the lyrics. Listening to ‘Two’ it is easy to get the light nostalgic mood. The lovers of the old kind synth pop and those who never miss pop & wave parties should check this album out. But just in case It is very light kind and dreamy work. The younger generation would rather smile through tears. This work is not for those who looking for the fresh ideas, original music, drive and power. It is not the album for dance-floors either. It is hard to imagine actually in which situation would fit for these dreamy teeny ballads written by “fragile” grew-ups who feel they are “in heaven”. It is just sad. And even worse is that years later our times would be mentioned as sad era of nostalgia for the past.


01. Forgiven
02. Fragile
03. Afraid
04. Stay With Me
05. World Is Gray
06. Belong
07. Precious Time
08. Alone
09. Trust
10. Nobody’s Friend
11. Orbit


Johan Baeckström
Jarmo Ollila


Cover Picture

dailyplanet two


Music: 3
Sound: 5
Total: 4 / 10

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