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dreaming riseagain
Artist: The Dreaming
Title: Rise Again
Genre: Dark Rock
Release Date: 10th February 2015
Label: Metropolis Records

Album Review

Interesting that Los Angeles band THE DREAMING cite THE BIRTHDAY MASSACRE as an influence. Despite the former having a male singer, and the latter being Canadian, there are some similarities. Both use standard rock riffs and chilly stabs of synth to carry a lurching, heavy booted verse and a weighty, punchy chorus. And both have an unwillingness, or perhaps inability, to deviate from their projected paths. You wouldn’t listen to two albums by THE BIRTHDAY MASSACRE back to back would you? As the old joke says, just play one of them, twice.

‘Alone’ which bursts from ‘Rise Again’ with supreme confidence, is actually a very good opener. Its passionate vocals and dark swagger are aided by an inventive bit of percussion. Unfortunately once this is dispatched, there’s always a cliché hovering just overhead. ‘Painkillers’ is really just a big fat heavy rock song, even the ‘quiet bit’ in the middle adding to this feeling of formula and form. And ‘Empty Promises’ – expertly played, well hung and well sung, but slightly prophetic in its title – just feels cold somehow. This is clearly not meant to be a fun ride, which is a pity, but as something darker it doesn’t work either. The feeling is of a checklist being studiously ticked, all the elements in place and assembled, but the real soul and passion of all great dark music completely absent.

There’s plenty of melody here – take ‘Still Believe’ for example – and they occasionally match THIRTY SECONDS TO MARS for sheer chutzpah, but by the time of the title track, which closes the album, the limitations on ‘Rise Again’ are obvious to see. If you want to see five guys on stage throwing shapes, and you like to pogo and go bat-shit crazy when a massive chorus predictably appears, then head for the live arenas that will probably house THE DREAMING at some point soon. If not, and you don’t want back to back, ten songs the same… well, you know what to do.


01. Alone
02. Painkillers
03. Kisses Taste Like Death
04. Empty Promises
05. Afraid
06. Blink Of An Eye
07. Still Believe
08. Throw It Away
09. Destroy
10. Rise Again


Christopher Hall - Vocals
Walter Flakus -Keys and Programming
Johnny Haro - Drums
Carlton Bost - Guitar
Franccesca De Struct - Bass

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dreaming riseagain


Music: 5
Sound: 7
Total: 6 / 10

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